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by:Winbridge      2019-10-20
If your church wants to host an adult Valentine's Day banquet, you will need a theme, a decorative idea, a way to promote the event, a list of acceptable events and a budget for operations.For example, some churches are not allowed to dance, so it would be against church policy to include the dance floor.There are several themes for the church Valentine's Day banquet.
Consider whether you want to attract married couples, singles, people of a specific age group, or people who want to attract a mixed group.If most of your couples get married, your theme may focus on marriage and love and include topics like: how we met, remember our wedding, or inspire usThe theme of dating includes dating games where God loves us so we can love others.If a couple gets married, consider setting a table for one or two couples to sit together, and if the group is mostly single, three or four couples can sit together.
Let people of similar age sit together.
Allow enough space for people to move freely between tables.Carnations in red and pink are cheaper than roses and look longer.Set a small vase for each couple, one for each flower, and attach a ribbon of Bible scripture.
Let them know that they may take the flowers home.Alternatively, use a small decorative flowering potted plant for each couple to take home.Use scriptures such as John 13: 34, John 15: 9-Corinthians decorate your table and banners in your room at 13: 13 and 11.
If catering services are provided, children in the youth program are requested to serve as waiters.If this is a good restaurant, couples are encouraged to tip those who serve them.If you ask a couple for a dish with a cover for the banquet, put a few long tables along one wall and one can walk on either side of the table.
You may still need a small number of waiting personnel to help keep your glasses full and your plates empty.Please bring a recipe card for a healthy, loving relationship with each couple-Love, understanding and compassion.They are encouraged to share these with other couples who share the table.
The couple may include appropriate Bible references on the card.After dinner, the couple are invited to some interesting games.Consider options such as Bible picnics, loose Bible, Bible bursts or similar games.
Couples who don't know people sitting with them can meet some new friends.Consider having a Christian entertainer come in after a meal as another activity.The artist can incorporate romance and relationships into humor.
Another recreational activity includes karaoke.A partner may sing a serenade for another or several people, and groups can sing songs about love.A church that allows dancing may encourage couples to dance one or two together.
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