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The use and abuse of mystics in the song: incorporating Asian ideas into Catholic dogma is not the first attempt to get alchemy to work togetherSelected or instilled...The use and abuse of mystics in the song: incorporating Asian ideas into Catholic dogma is not the first attempt to get alchemy to work togetherBe chosen or interpreted throughout the system of thought.Aquinas did so under the guidance of a Dominican bishop, who was considered the ancestor of Goethe and enlightenment, a fact that did not escape me.
Frat Albert Magnus is a name that can still be ignored today, and he is the head of the Salt Lake City International Alchemy group.The fact that mccaid and Solomon or the rest of the Jesus Family are skilled Peru and Alchemist should not surprise any real scholar.But let us assume that Jesus has good intentions, and then the Bible or the priest Manipulator tries to bring his true and deep understanding more fully into the Christian mode of spiritual growth.
Here is Pelikan's report on fraud or trying to do so, which was accepted as a church dogma for a thousand years until Thomas theorists pushed this forward greatly under the Jesuit teaching systemAll of this goes back to the great system of neo-Plato in the 5 th century.E.;Most of them can be traced back to protino, even Plato himself.Although both protino and procarlos are critics of Christianity, they also owe a lot;{This may have to do with Christianity borrowing a lot of money from the school of thought they belong.
In turn, their Christian opponents shared with them these elements of their neo-Plato, especially the mysterious vision.Therefore, it is not after the earthquake, in the 6 th century, the emergence of the corpus of Greek works, which seem to have mixed the elements of Christianity and the new Plato with little distinction, and with the name of the arebota di onius.In the report of the acts of the Apostles, this dionius, the only man named with the women who joined and believed in it {hence, those who see what happens to women in Constantine's behemoth are likely to be motivated to try and correct things a bit.
} Responding to the preaching of the Apostle Paul in Athens;{There are many scholars today who say that Timothy's Epistle was once considered Paul's work, not Paul's.By the second century, he appeared to be the first bishop of the Athens Christian Church;In the 6 th century, he suddenly created a lot of speculation about the new Berlin schema of Christianity;In the 9 th century, he and the guardian of France were sacred Dennis and third-Bishop of Paris century.(5) {Eusebius mentioned in his literature.
I believe that Eusebius is the merchant and purchaser of the Bishop district of Paris.Away from the plot of the Turkish and Brazilian teams, I need to do more research, but I suspect this is another example of benjamin/Maccobean/Elephantine/Rothschild/demidich continuum and their desire at work.Certification because it is so impressive and comprehensivebut-Apostolic certificate, false thoughtDionius was accepted as real for almost no objection in the 6 th century, and for the whole millennium it remained in an authoritative position with little objection until the 15 th and 16 th centuriesPlato is a noble and alchemist.
there is no doubt about it.
His relationship with Saigon descent and hiksos in Egypt is a problem, where his relative kritias is a priest, and I continue to follow and be curious.To be sure, I do find that these alchemist's esoteric pioneers of Hebrew dialectics do exist.I will ask a serious researcher to mention the chorus that fucanelli has done about instilling alchemy rituals and symbols into Christianity, which can be true in his case of Templar at the druid pagan siteAlthough PSEUDOThere is no doubt that dionius is the source of most of the inspiration and the main source of inspiration for Christ --Mystery is an explanation of the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) as a Christian fable.
As most scholars will agree today, whether Jewish, Roman Catholic or Protestant, the song was originally a poem celebrating love between men and women.But throughout its history, it was actually read in a fable, and perhaps even it entered the Jewish canon in this way.In The Jamnia council of 90 BC, it defended its saints.
This stabilized the classics of the Hebrew Bible, and the famous rabbi archbar declared: "The world is not worthy of the day when the song was given to Israel, for all the scriptures are sacred, but the song is sacred.From this explanation, the rabbi promulgated the rules: the person who sings the song in the restaurant and treats it as a song, there is no part of the future world.Exclusionary (7) This is the nature of excluding elitism, so prevalent in this evil cult, and its Judaeo/Christian/Islamic kin, who continue to breed the end of the world and rapture, it's like this is G-d might want.
Religion and Zohar: The English version of Zohar, the guiding text of zo's Jewish mystics, provides new insights.-David Van BeimaTime Magazine: The April 19, 2004 issue of road wind, like the discourse of the Talmud, first and then another, goes to Daniel Matt's home in Berkeley, California.Matt, 53, admitted that my wife liked a more direct route.
But I think it's more interesting.
It's not surprising.
Matt embarked on a personal journey through one of the most influential and difficult works in the history of religious literature.After six years of hard work, Stanford University Press published the first two books of his translated Zohar (the source of Jewish mystery.He will do nine more rolls, all rendered from Zohar's original Aramaic language.
The work received an ecstatic advance review (this is a very old-fashioned translation and review that opened Zohar for EnglishWhen it comes to world Entertainment, blurbed is brightTwo weeks ago, it received a $10,000 Colette Jewish Book Award for its great contribution to Jewish thought history.In Praise, someone took the job frantically, which is a dark stream of awe.Zohar's mystery dates back to its appearance in the region of Castile, Spain, around 1280.
The book was written in Aramaic, a language that Jews have not created for centuries, and the book is considered to have been written by a great Rabbi thousands of years ago.But in fact, 1930 of scholars determined that it was written by a Moses De Leon and his associates in the 13 th century.There is good reason for De Leon to falsify the lineage of his work: Zohar is too radical to be accepted without forged imprimatur.
Totally original 1,800-The combination of pages of Torah commentary, parody, erotic poetry, numerology and experimental narrative means turns about 400 subplots into Chaucer --Just like {Chaucer is also an alchemist.The story of a travel Sage band.Matt says the form of the book itself is a challenge to the normal functioning of consciousness.Its theology is still more wild than what Judaism has always believed to be the division of the personality of God, divided into 10 interacting exacts, two of which are women.
One of them, Shekhinah, is Zohar's obsession and is the gateway to it to attract the believer Willie --In the Divine drama.Only their prayers and good deeds can save her from the hordes of demons and influence her mysterious marriage to the male side of God, which is sometimes described in pornographic details.De Leon noted that there would be no wake up above if there was no wake up.
It is worth noting that his book was caught.By 1600, the Jewish world saw Zohar as the third most sacred text, with only the Bible and the Talmud before.Jewish research and meditation flourish, and Jewish principles are the foundation of Hasidic Judaism.
Zohar's use disappears as Judaism absorbs justicethe-The fact of the European Enlightenment influenced, but it left behind dramatic memorabilia such as the arrival of the mitzvahof-Age celebration and gorgeous FridayWelcome the late Song of God's "Sabbath bride.Zohar also provides information for the current Cabalistic revival, which is so fascinating for Jews and spiritual adventurers like Madonna.This creates a new demand for the authoritative English version.
Enter Matt.
By the age of 1995, he had taught Jewish mystery at university, wrote a book comparing Kabbala with scientific cosmology, and translated some excerpts from Zohar.Still, when Margo Pritzker, the wife of Hyatt chairman, was stunned.He, who is working on the book, offered to fund the full translation.
'I told her optimistically that it could take 18 years,' said Matt."You didn't scare me," she said.The result is not available to everyone.From the very beginning, an extended exposition of the Rose image in the song (\ "like the rose has 13 petals, so, the Knesset has 13 qualities of sympathy on each side "), and the first volume is only deep into the missus.Matt's comments provide anecdotes about the arrival of ancient water clocks and silkworms to Spain, as well as his interpretation of the mysterious concept, usually twice as much as his translation.
However, there are also some people who are eager to use it.Samuel Cohong of Tucson, Arizona, said that the rabbi ordered 40 copies at the request of his fellow teachers: I think;"It's too difficult ".But there is a big desire to find the source.
If this is a profound text, then let's see why.Matt still has a slightly dazed look of AHA, where a white whale has arrived.hunted.He hopes to finish the task before the age of 70.
Now is not the time for him to regret.
He said I just wanted to do it when I woke up.I feel like I'm in the mind of De Leon right now.I know what he's doing.He is a genius.This is the most shocking book in Judaism.
This is a clearer judgment of his own work.I am open to the knowledge or skill he has found in the mind of Zohar and De leon Kumar is a long-term possibilityA permanent knowledge system kept secret by Tartessians and others in Spain and southern France, in a series of schools that can be traced back to pre-Christian eras.I have a lot of internationalContacts have been established in other books, and we have again come into contact with some of them about the Templars and Rennes --le-The castle in this book.
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