list of karaoke songs top songs 2012: top 20 songs that will make you groove

by:Winbridge      2019-11-13
If you're tired of a busy life, why not join some soulful music and let yourself relax?The following are the top 20 songs on the current music rankings: 1.Spectrum (name me): Spectrum (name me) belongs to another type and is a song from Florence and you have to check it out.2.Sunshine (flying high): Mike Candice came up with 1 feet-Hit the dance track with the Sun (flying high ).
The other one must listen!3.
Don't Wake Me Up: Chris browns don't wake me up, this is another slot number that will definitely touch your heart.4.Whistle: Flo Ida s whistleblower from the hipHop genre is another song and it's easy to get into our list of top 20 songs.5.Baby, Can I Hold You: Tracy Chapman found a gem in the romantic number baby, can I hold you.
Time: Imagine Dragon is another hit song.
Tacata (radio editor): another dance number that lets you rotate;This time by the talented takaboro.8.Want You Back: Music lovers can't help but fall in love with hot Cher Lloyd who wants you back.9.You are still (re-recorded): This is 2004 song from Shania Twain, but has entered the list of 2012 songs.
Little Lion Man: the Manford father and son Company shows another swing number that can make you swing in the beat.11.Setting fire to rain: Grammy-winning pop song "setting fire to rain" is still strong on the music charts.12.Westend13.Let's go: Calvin Harris's pop song, let's go, should also have a place on the song 2012 chart.
My life is a party: This is a dance number for the Italo brothers, recently played on CDs and clubs.15.M & F: another rock number, though another groovy track for Die Arzte!16.We are young: "We Are Young" released in February 2012 is still in I-Pods and sound.
Touch the Sky: how could Sean Paul be left on the list.With this pop number, it's easy for him to feel his presence.18.Payphone: The popular music number paypayphone radio for Maroon 5 is another great music that will fascinate you.
Take over me: Released on August 2012, one of Lawson's 2012 best new songs.20.Bienvenido: We ended the top 20, Marquess's popular Latino numbers with marquenvenido records.With the release of the latest version, a powerful music buff remains updated.
In our list of new songs 2012, some of the famous songs you have to listen to are 50 cents for the new day, "The Flower of the new gods of Pusha T and Kanye West" no doubt Jason alding said a little good thing to me to surprise me (Last Kiss) your pink and burnburn it's Down in Linkin Park
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