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by:Winbridge      2019-10-02
Once you 've written an ebook, the important part to complete next is your cover design eBook cover.Your cover needs to convey the content of your ebook and must be attractive.You can design your own cover if you have experience, or you can use the eBook cover graphic service.
It is a good idea to use the service as they will save you time and create 2-3 versions, as well as different size graphics with high resolution software programs.Once you 've created a sales letter, it's time to put your cover design ebook on the site.A creative design can enhance the look of your site and make you look like a serious business.
Putting e-books in the right place is the skill you need to develop.A good cover will help you do more sales as it gives buyers an image of what they are going to buy.Whether you are designing and making your own graphics or having the eBook cover service do the cover for you, here are a few things to consider.
Please remember the color of the cover design ebook.You want to choose the color that can evoke emotions as well.The color of all aspects of e-books is very important.
In fact, all aspects of the e-book cover are important.You can test your most effective e-book cover location.In some cases, you can put it on or near the top of your site.
Alternatively, you can put it in the place to introduce the solution that you provide for your readers.Another place is close to the bottom when you ask for an order.Put it next to the immediate purchase information.
Use a font of the right size so the title can be read.Make subtitles and other wording in a smaller font.All cover design ebook content uses the same type of font.
You can use both fonts if you want, but not anymore.You can also use special effects fonts to highlight your title.When you choose the color for the cover, the Green will make people think of the money.
The bright colors usually arouse the feeling, and the soft light color will create a calm feeling.Red brings the feeling of passion, movement, strength, love, fire.Men's books need loud and bold colors, while women's books need soft colors.
Carefully select the color of the font.
Blue represents truth, wealth, acceptance, calmness, cooperation and trust.Orange brings a healthy, courageous, happy and friendly feeling.But yellow stimulates understanding, caution, warmth and happiness.
Purple brings creativity, sophistication and spirituality.Black people have authority, seriousness and sophistication.Use only 2-There are 3 colors on the cover design ebook.
If you use an image on the cover, use the font color that matches the main color of the image.Change them if your colors conflict until you feel the color combination is right.You can also look for color schemes on the Internet so you can find the colors to use together.
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