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by:Winbridge      2019-10-13
18 th birthday is very special.It marks the beginning of an adult, usually a year of important events such as high school graduation, going to college, leaving a parent's home and working full time.Although you may have surpassed most of your birthday themes when you were a child, even in the cold winter, you still have some ways to hold an 18-year-old birthday party, it should be special and interesting.Bring a couple of friends and sleds, felt, tire tubes, trash can covers, or something else that fits the sled.
Then, go to a snow mountain without obstacles such as trees, and will not touch the bottom on the road.When you get home, hot chocolate and birthday cake make your blood boil.Tell the guest to bring extra dry clothes to change.
Call the restaurant in advance and have your party there.Some restaurants have separate party rooms if needed.You can choose a casual restaurant or 18 th birthday as a reason to dress up and dine in a better restaurant.
Guests are allowed to select items from the regular restaurant menu or arrange with the restaurant in advance to provide your party with a special menu that matches your budget.Call your local fire department to see if there is a bonfire in your backyard.You may have to get a permit from them or from the local government office.
Grilled hot dogs and marshmallows can be made into s mores.Set up camp chairs around the fire and enjoy an outdoor night in the warm place of the fire.In accordance with the provisions on the permit or the regulations of the fire department, always follow the bonfire rules.
For example, some rules stipulate that you must have a fire extinguisher on hand that can only burn in dark hours and that the fire must be at least 50 feet away from any structure.Go to a place with karaoke or take it home.Some game systems have karaoke games and microphone accessories.
There are also karaoke machines that can be purchased or rented at the party store.Provide and have guests bring you and their photos from any time in the past 18 years.Take out the page from the scrapbook and provide material for everyone to make you a page with special notes.
Even if the guest does not have a photo of you with her, she can still create a page with your photo.Put the pages back in the book for you to keep
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