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by:Winbridge      2019-10-14
You'll never be too old to enjoy romance, and Valentine's Day gives seniors a great opportunity to dress up, flirt and build new relationships.If you are having a Valentine's Day party for seniors, choose an event that will help guests get in touch with each other and give them a lot to talk about.Valentine's Day party is an ideal opportunity for older people in your life to recall some old memories and make some new ones.
Figure out when most seniors attending the party are in their teens or twenties and build a dance floor.Ideally, dress up the server and DJ with costumes from time to time.Find popular songs from The Times, interspersed with fast dance numbers with lots of slow, romantic songs.
Volunteers and staff attending the party are encouraged to invite participants to dance.Dance is a simple activity that requires only an open dance floor that gives the elderly a good reason to dress.If the Valentine's Day party for the elderly is small, consider holding a cookie making event.
Lay the table so that everyone has enough work space and provide cookie dough, cookie cutter, colored sugar, icing and icing for the elderly.Everyone can make cookies while socializing, and then cookies can be wrapped in glass paper and distributed as gifts to recipients of the elderly's choice.Put together building paper, scissors, glue, lace pieces and scrapbook materials for older people to make Valentine's Day cards.
The first part of the party can be used to make cards, and the second part can be used to send cards at dinner.A card-Parties allow guests to express their creativity and enjoy a day of chatting and making things.Build a small stage area with a spotlight and microphone to encourage older people to come on stage and share their romantic feelings.
Bring a karaoke machine and ask them to sing their favorite songs or let them sing their favorite memories of Valentine's Day.Let them tell about their sweetest Valentine's Day, or their funniest romance --related mishap.Valentine's Day is about sharing, so let them share their stories with the attentive audience.
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