microphone 5 reasons why presenters won't use a micrphone

by:Winbridge      2019-09-29
I often see people refusing to use microphones when speaking, whether at office meetings, community events or industry meetings.However, using the microphone properly can make it easier for the audience to hear your voice and understand your message --This is all about your speech.Here are 5 reasons why I heard not using the microphoneAnd how to overcome them.
You might think, "My voice is strong enough that I don't need it," but normally that's not the case.Realize that considering the size of the room and the noise around it, it may be difficult for the audience to hear you.In addition, according to 2009 studies from the Better Hearing Institute, the number of Americans with hearing loss has increased to about 11% in the United States.
population -6 out of 10 people are below retirement age.Therefore, there may be some hearing difficulties in your audience.2.The more you listen to yourself, the more comfortable you will be.
Almost every computer and smartphone has a recorder, so use it to record your own voice and play it back so you can get used to your own.3.Most people don't perform well without a microphone (unless you have been trained to sing or perform ).So when you try to project, you end up yelling, which can hurt your throat, throat, or vocal cords.
This worry is legal and can be easily solved by practicing the microphone.Ask friends of AV staff or technicians for help.You want to find something like: where to clip the microphone or how to hold it;Who controls the volume;How to avoid ears-Split feedback (don't point the microphone to the speaker) and where to get the extra battery.
Then enter the room early and practice using it.5.You might think that on the stage in front of thousands of people, using a microphone is just for professional speakers, and it would be arrogant to use a microphone in a smaller environment.Not at all.Properly used, the microphone can prove that you are a smart and respectful speaker who cares a lot about your audience and can use every tool you can use to make sure they can hear and understand what you have.
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