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by:Winbridge      2019-10-05
Acoustic guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world.Traditional Music.It is as versatile as a piano, but much easier to transport.lack of volume.It's just not a very loud instrument.This article will show the available features in the acoustic guitar pickup.
At the beginning of the 20 th century, some progress was made in dealing with quantitative issues.A steel string was developed, a larger body guitar was designed, and a heavy guitar was invented to make the guitar sound bigger.With the introduction of guitar pickups and amplifiers, the maximum impact on guitar volume appears at 1930.
Now you can hear the guitar in the band.
There is a problem, though.
The enlarged guitar doesn't sound like an acoustic guitar anymore.The sound of warmth and privacy has disappeared.Players who want to get more sound from the acoustic guitar have little choice.
They can use thicker strings, play harder, or play with a microphone, or both.Fast forward to today.Fortunately, the guitar pickup technology has improved for the current guitarist.In fact, the acoustic guitar has barely changed since 1930.
The biggest change so far is to zoom in on the acoustic guitar.The microphone is the earliest guitar "pickup ".In fact, they are still used in some cases.
This is a great choice for solo guitarist or guitarist in the case of bluegrass/new grass type.Solo guitarists sometimes use some sort of pickup with a microphone.Another option is the internal microphone.
Like external mike, they are usually used with auxiliary pick-up sources.In the case of a double pickup truck, a good outboard gear is usually required to control various components.The second oldest pickup is a magnetic one.
Type for plane-The top steel string guitar is very close to the guitar used on the electric guitar.In fact, the model now designed for the steel string guitar evolved from the electric guitar pickup.Magnetic pickups can sense the metal in the strings of the guitar and amplify their vibrations.
Some people like it.
Their downside is that they do not give an accurate reproduction of the actual sound of the guitar.The soundboard sensor is caused by a defect in the player.Satisfaction with magnetic pickup trucks.The sensor is mounted on the outside or inside of the top of the guitar and amplified the vibration on the top of the guitar.
The sound is very good, but it is easy to get feedback and there will be any bumps or taps on the top of the guitar.The lower saddle sensor is the next step in the development of the acoustic guitar pickup.A strip soaked with a piezoelectric crystal.
The strap is mounted on a bridge under the saddle.Vibrate and amplify through the strings of the saddle.There is often a pre-Its voice is sweet.The piezoelectric pickup has a unique sound.
It is often inRanch made a crash on the edge of the attack.Some players are very familiar with it.True reproduction of guitar sound.From the type of pickup trucks listed above, the only major development is the Taylor guitar expression system.The way the sensors pick up is to install them on top.
Microphone than pickup.
This is a very good pickup system.
The system can be added to the after-sales market of the Taylor guitar.The price is $300.500 plus shipping.These are the pick-up options for the current acoustic guitar.Compared with the current design, it changes a lot.
But you can bet that its pick-up will continue to grow
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