microphone Junction Arts Festival: Snowden play set to thrill

by:Winbridge      2019-08-29
is based on.The main character is on the run, hiding at the Hong Kong airport and then fleeing to Moscow, where he struggled to survive the night after he revealed massive violations of government privacy.His story bears the similarities of the crime,xa0Real Edward SnowdenAn employee of the National Security Agency showed the world that the government is really listening to us.The play uses narratives to explore the issue between privacy and consent and security and comfort, but actors-Director Shane Mitchell said it didn't tell the audience what to think.
"It may ask more questions than it answers," he said ."."There are some very unique points of view that are well demonstrated by both sides.Mitchell has shown this performance to classes for about 12 years and he says the classes are not aware of some of the issues discussed.
“It was eye-He said.
"None of them realize that by checking yes on the app, you actually give them access to your camera and microphone, which gives them information that they can sell to third parties.Run at the Workers' Club on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.Two o'clock P.M. in the afternoon, on Saturday, at $20, $15.
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