microphone Launceston's Anzac Day dawn service conducted without catafalque party

by:Winbridge      2019-08-28
The Anzac Day dawn service in Launceston was first performed in the "memory of life" without a catafalque party.Some 9000 people gathered to pay tribute to the fact that the Australian Defense Force sentry, which traditionally guarded the monument, was absent.Instead, Scout members stand in their position.
With the start of the service, Launceston RSL subLieutenant Colonel Graeme Barnett, chairman of the branch, picked up the microphone and said he was serving "not the army ".Later, Mr. Barnett said that it was only five minutes before the service began that he knew that the Sentinel would not be there."I know there will be a very red man --I don't know who it is, "he said.
"Anyone in the military knows they should be there.I don't know if we will get all the answers, but it is very disappointing.Sub-Club secretary Peter Williams said the club has followed the appropriate request process through the joint action Support Department of the ADF and will continue to follow up.
Minister of Veterans Affairs Guy Barnett said he had spoken to chairman Launceston RSL on these issues and would ask further
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