microphone public speaking – using the microphone effectively

by:Winbridge      2019-09-29
If the microphone is used, many people who speak in front of the group may communicate more effectively.If it is difficult for an audience to hear your voice, it is difficult for you to communicate your message effectively.Many things will make it difficult for the audience to hear you, such as a noisy air conditioner or a group of people in the next room.
If the listener is not the native language of the language you are using, or you are presenting new and technically complex information, it may also be difficult to listen and understand you.Effective use of the microphone can help you overcome all these obstacles by allowing the audience to hear your voice without any difficulty.Here are four tips on how to use the microphone effectively: 1.
This is one of the most common mistakes I have seen the speaker make.A speaker stood in front of the group and asked, "Can you hear me ?"?Now let's talk about logic;If the audience can't hear you, how do they answer the question?The only person who can answer is the one who can hear you.Sometimes, even if people have trouble listening to you, they won't admit it in front of others.
Check the sound system in advance to determine if you will use the microphone or specify a person behind the room and if you can hear it, he will let you know.2.If you don't rehearse using a microphone, it's hard to use it effectively in front of a live audience.Rehearsal can get you used to the sound coming through the speakers and find out if there is any feedback from the speakers (it's too scary and too highWill make your audience scrambling to cover the roar of their ears ).
If you are going to use a handheld microphone, practice keeping it close enough to your mouth so that it will take your notes or PowerPoint remote in your other handIf you're using clips-On or lavaliere microphone, plan how you will wear it.Ideally, clip it in the center of a shirt or jacket and it will hear you no matter which direction you turn your head.The rest of the unit can be clipped to your belt or rolled into your pocket with wire so it doesn't get in the way of you.
Before using the microphone, please ask the meeting organizer or the audio person in charge-The vision shows you how it works.Learn how to replace the battery and carry an extra battery with you;There's nothing worse than the battery running out during the demo, not knowing where to replace the battery or how to replace it.It is also comfortable to turn on/off the switch;I 've seen the speakers confused by not knowing how to turn on.
Remember to turn off the microphone when you're finished speaking or resting.In one of the training programs I facilitated, when the participants were doing their exercise quietly, a coach forgot to turn off her lavaliere microphone.I heard footsteps and a door through the sound system-I was horrified to realize that she was going to the bathroom.
I rushed out of the room, ran down the long hallway, opened the door to the bathroom, where she stood and washed her hands before using the facilities.I said in my mouth, "your microphone is still on!\ "When frantically pointing to the green light on the microphone unit caught on the belt.Thankfully, she turned it off before things got worse.
If you have the option to use the microphone in your next presentation, consider using it.Following these four tips for effective use of the microphone, you will make it easier for the audience to hear your voice, which in turn will make it easier for you to communicate your message to them
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