microphone top five headsets of plantronics blackwire series

by:Winbridge      2019-09-30
It is a publicly traded company based in California.Enterprises and consumers of special audio communication equipment.The main market share of Flipkart earnings headphones.
Headphones include headphones and microphones.Headphones can be made with either a single headset (mono) or a dual headset (stereo.Headphones can be wired or wireless.Mainly used for call center and other telephone intensive work.
Plantrotron black line series: plantrotron introduces a wide range of products in its very successful black line series.Blackwire 725 special force Blackwire C320 headphones: Very Comfortable Headphones with lightweight plantrotron Blackwire C320.Blackwire C320 is a USB headset that is very convenient to use.
It is very durable for conference calls, PC multimedia applications and Web-based training programs.Its audio input frequency response is 100-10000Hz with boom microphone mounting type.Blackwire C320 is a wired headset with dual headphones and microphones.
At the top of the wire C320 there are controls such as answer/end, mute button and volume.Its frequency response is up to 20-20000 Hz.The C320 provides stereo output on the headset.
It has two ear pads with leather padding.
Plantrotron Blackwire C610 headphones: Blackwire C610 is a one-ear headset.The main feature of Blackwire C610 is the adoption of soundguard technology.This technology can prevent sound spikes and provide us with the perfect audio.
It has a flexible boom noise canceling microphone.Plantrotron Blackwire C610 headphones are very useful in the case of long conference calls and video conferencing.It has built-in DSP technology for digital signal processing and has echo cancellation function.
The C610 has power cord controls such as volume, mute, and answer/finish.It has a USB connection and is very simple to use with a 4-pin USB Type A connector.Blackwire C610 provides unparalleled call clarity and broadband support in it to provide high-quality calls.
Blackwire C610 comes with adjustable headband with soft ear pads.Plantrotron Blackwire 710/720 headphones: the plantrotron Blackwire 700 series is very good at UC headphones.It provides high quality PC audio and perfect Bluetooth connection for mobile phones and tablets.
When we put on the headset, it will automatically answer the phone due to its smart sensor technology.It has a removable cable that can answer mobile calls throughout the office.Blackwire 710/720 offers unparalleled audio quality to users.
The Blackwire 710/720 offers a simple USB connection, and its instinctive online controls allow us to answer/end calls.Control volume and mute.Its on-line indicator provides connection, mute and volume status.Blackwire 710/720 is equipped with a PC broadband audio and noise canceling microphone for high quality audio.
Its dynamic equalization technology allows it to adjust audio settings between voice calls.Blackwire 710/720 also uses digital signal processing DSP technology to provide natural voice.We can listen to streaming via A2DP technology on our phone or tablet.
The plantrotron Blackwire 710/720 has a built-in sound shield.Sound protection is a technology used for sound balancing that protects listeners from sound above 118 dba.Plantrotron Blackwire 710/720 comes with a durable suitcase for easy movement.
This is ideal for users who have been using headphones for a longer period of time.It has 10 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time.It is compatible with windows and Mac OS systems.
Plantrotron Blackwire 725 headphones: plantrotron Blackwire 725 is a high quality USB headset.It is designed to block any noise interference.Blackwire 725 adopts active noise reduction ANC technology.
It also features broadband audio and digital signal processing technology that provides clear incoming calls.The Blackwire 725 also features a noise-canceling microphone.Its smart sensor technology allows us to answer the phone just by putting our headphones on our phones.
Its folding ear pads and suitcases are the best choice for Out use.Blackwire 725 is very durable and comfortable due to its buffered metal headband.Plantrotron Blackwire 725 works with standard UC applications.
Its active noise cancellation technology can shield sound and is ideal for noisy working environments.It is located in line control such as call response/end, volume control and mute, and its online indicator light and audio prompt provide mute and volume status.Blackwire 725 is a dual headset that provides hifi stereo for users.
It also features Dynamic EQ technology that optimizes voice quality during calls and automatically adjusts EQ settings when we listen to music.The Blackwire 725 is also equipped with a sound shield to prevent the sound of more than 118 dBA.Active Noise Reduction ANC technology is the most obvious feature to separate the black wire 725 from other headphones.
Active noise removal technology reverses all surrounding sound waves to eliminate low-frequency noise and provide clear audio.Blackwire 725 is compatible with windows and Mac.Plantrotron Blackwire C520 headset: the plantrotron Blackwire 500 series headset is the first intelligent sensor technology headset in the market with USB technology.
Blackwire C520s smart sensor technology allows users to answer the phone with only a headset on.This feature makes it very productive and resource-rich wired headset in the market.The Blackwire C520 features a broadband and noise reduction microphone.
Blackwire C520 provides us with an excellent audio experience.It is the ideal headset for webinars, conference calls and listening to music.Blackwire C520 provides Dynamic EQ functionality that optimizes our voice quality during calls and automatically adjusts when we listen to music or multimedia.
Blackwire C520 is also equipped with voice control technology to prevent audio spikes.The Blackwire C520 has a very soft leather mat and a very lightweight headband, perfect for all-day conference calls and other events.It is equipped with a high quality suitcase, which makes its portability very easy.
The Blackwire C520 is equipped with a folded flat ear pad to make the user feel comfortable
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