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by:Winbridge      2019-10-01
For a serious violinist with a solid foundation in classical music, use the violin for toys?Or for that matter, the players of cellos, violas and stringed bass can also consider what kind of sound they can produce with a live instrument?There's absolutely nothing wrong with this because of the work of players like Mark WoodThe avant-garde Siberian OrchestraAvant-garde artist Laurie Anderson, jazz violinist Regina Carter, Melin Klas (British pop group Hear \ 'Say) and progressive rock band fantamaThese are serious, accomplished musicians who undoubtedly started training in the harsh environment of classical music, but later found the way to more modern and often experimental music.All have a follower who appreciates their creative voice.They probably got good advice from their favorite violin shop.
There are two main ways to create violin music.One is to buy an electric violin.Another topic of another dayThe other is to simply enlarge the traditional violin with a microphone.This is no different from simply making any sound on the public address system and being magnified, as if someone was talking to a microphone in front of a large group of people.
The recording studio uses a separate microphone, and the ambient noise is almost eliminated;In larger concerts, the microphone can receive sound from other sources.This is a small microphone mounted in the bridge area on the side of the instrument.Sound pickup is more direct and can be said to produce the most natural sound.
Like the mini microphone, it is connected to the acoustic instrument, but there are fewer feedback problems.Therefore, for musicians who seriously power up the violin, pickup trucks are usually the first choice.Mounted on the instrument, under or near the bridge or tail piece, a pick-up device with a magnetic and electrically powered version.
These are newer technologies, and warmer voices are more popular.When designed for the violin, pickups can amplify the viola, cello, and upright bass.The added advantages of the violinist, especially those who want to offer more theatrical performances, the pickups are more mobile and therefore allow the player to roam the performance space without being tied to the boom mic.
Other items to be added to the electric string sound include the effect processor and the stom foot box.An all-in-One choice for beginners is moreAn effect processor that produces (intentional) reverb and delay and (intentional) distortion and overflow tones.Laurie Anderson could be a challenge for her classical mentorMaster's degree in sculpture from Barnard College Columbia UniversityBut she used tape instead of the pony bow on the violin in the 1970 s and is still talking about it today.
Electric or electric sounds can create art that even Nicolo Paganini will appreciate
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