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by:Winbridge      2019-10-21
Are you looking for a phone call that is only under 2 thousand?Then go to Nokia C1-02, is one of the most popular entry-level mobile phone.It contains some interesting and exciting features like email support, Internet connection via GPRS and multimedia features that keep you entertained.But this mobile phone is lacking in the camera function.
This is a bad option for you if you are looking for a camera phone, but if you want to take a Nokia C1-02 is an ideal mobile phone.This Nokia phone will connect your personal e-commerceMail and instant messaging accounts using Nokia messages.Users can maintain conversations through Ovi chat.
You will be in touch with Ovi Mail.
It is connected to the Internet via GPRS.
It carries a 1.
8?color display.
When it comes to the music function, the phone will keep your tracks on the music player.You can store a large amount of music and video with up to 32 gb of scalable memory.It also lets you use FM radio for entertainment while moving.
Also, you can play your favorite music loudly with an integrated speaker.The Nokia C1-02 mobile carries the size of 108x45x13.8mm and weight 77.5g including battery.The phone also comes in shades of black, dark, Plum blue and cold gray.
It comes pre-loaded with many interesting games, and the best part is that everyone can easily understand them with simple written game instructions.Nokia C1 02 has been using lithium-Ion Nokia BL-It is said that the 5CB battery with the highest call time battery backup 10 is provided.6 hours and 21 days of standby time for users.
The Nokia C1-Prices in Delhi are near Rs.
2, 000.
In short, there are very few phones on the market that offer browsing, email and other Internet features at low-cost entry-level phones, but Nokia C1-02 proving this view is wrong by introducing all of these features in nominal cost.The Nokia C1-02 mobile offers browsing, email, instant messaging options, Ovi app support, long battery backup, low-priced stiff body.To learn about phones used in Delhi and Nokia phones used in Delhi, visit the free category Portal.
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