most powerful amplifier ***a better voice is just a breath away -

by:Winbridge      2019-10-01
Number of people looking for information, books, CDs and seminars about themselvesProgress is amazing.For a long time, we have been working hard to hone our business skills, improve our image, feel good about ourselves, take care of work and family ...... We are all looking to improve ourselves and our lives.
However, few people realize that they have a better voice inside.Most people don't like to hear their own voice on voice mail or answering machines because they don't agree with it.Unfortunately you don't like your voice mail is someone else who recognizes your voice.
This is the image of your voice, accounting for 37% of the image of your project.The first thing I teach when I work with a client is diaphragm breathing, something most people don't do.We are known for lazy or shallow breathing, using only the upper part of the chest.
This is a medical fact.
Sadly, lazy breathing can only increase stress or tension.On the other hand, diaphragm breathing actually reduces breathing.All mammals have a diaphragm;Diaphragm is used in all mammals to support breathing.
Only the smartest mammals will stop this practice at some point in our childhood development.The result is a sound powered by the throat, voice box, mouth and/or nose.Without our fifth (and most powerful) amplifier, we lack a warm, rich, resonant and mature sound --sounding.
To find the diaphragm, please put your hand under the ribs and cough.Do you feel the muscles "kicked" out?If you have seen an interesting movie, laugh for two hours and then find that you are in pain, you may remember the muscle division.Or you may have a cold because of a cough.
Do you remember how painful your stomach is?In both cases, you are working on the diaphragm!When you learn to support breathing and speak in the best tone, you will find a sound that actually vibrates in your chest.If James Earl Jones walks into your room and talks to you, you will feel the vibration of his voice on your chest.His voice was deep and loud.(And he's definitely breathing with support!) Once you turn your "real" voice into a habit, you will find that you can actually control it, not the other way around.
When I do a speech, the first thing I do is breathe, because this is the most important thing I have to control my nervousness.I 've done hundreds of presentations, but my listeners can't hear or see my nervousness because I'm in control of it.I like to be nervous ...... This extra adrenaline will make your speech, speech or speech shiny.
The benefits of breathing with the support of the diaphragm go far beyond voice or presentation skills.Over the years, I have asked people to tell me that they sleep better;They fell asleep soon.Their blood pressure is low;They sing better.
Their pressure is under control;Pain can be eliminated;They have more stamina.The list continues.Because I breathe normally 24 hours a day, there is no pressure on my shoulder and neck;So at the end of the day, I never felt pain in these areas.However, I have found that most of my female customers do take the pressure in these areas until they develop the habit of diaphragm breathing.
(By the way, men tend not to deal with their stress in the same way.) The first thing we do in life is to take a deep breath;The last thing we do in life is to take a deep breath;One of the worst things we do in life is to take a deep breath.While a better voice is just a breath, consider what breathing can do for the rest of your life!.
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