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by:Winbridge      2019-11-21
"Are you a man or a God?The Buddha replied, "I am awake.Great people always seem to give indirect answers.But their reaction makes you think twice and realize why they're great.Wisdom comes not from the self, but from our high self.In order to fully understand the Buddha's response and what awakening means, we need to investigate how the mind works, the nature of mythology and reality, and the Psychology of Consciousness.The great mythologist Joseph Campbell made an important distinction in explaining the power of mythology.The difference between fairy tales and myths that reveal wisdom is more related to our way of thinking than to the content of the story.Campbell pointed out that some people interpret myths by means of connotation, while others interpret them by means of extension.For example, if we apply the latter to the Buddha's answer, then we are simply told by him that he is not sleeping physically.Relatively speaking, the Buddha tells us more about the nature of consciousness.In fact, instead of avoiding the problem, he pointed out that sobriety went beyond the realm of man, mineral, plant, or God.In essence, he was announcing his enlightenment.Before making such a distinction, people tend to be literal and understand things in a more specific way.For example, a rock can be both a mineral and a container for God.Today, we call this magical way of thinking the animism of all things.In the process of development, our brains and minds move from specific psychology to abstract psychology, while Magic is the dominant of the former, and religion and spirit are the dominant of the latter.In the early history, there was no difference between magic and science.In many centuries magic has evolved from science."Yesterday's magic is tomorrow's science."On the world stage, we observe the parallel development between the following world (specific, extended areas) and the above world (abstract, connotation areas, magic, modern science.The missing link between old and new science is alchemy;It is combined with different balance, concrete and abstract, literal and connotation, and symbolic methods.Historically, alchemy was the first laboratory science, but its experiments included psychology, prayer, and meditation, just like its physical manipulation of matter.The Alchemist's workplace usually includes the altar (speech) and the laboratory;The reality of matter and "making the thing of dreams" becomes the transformation of thought and metal into the creation of excellence.For alchemist, the Buddha's answer indicates the realization of a very high level of consciousness, which symbolizes the stone of the philosopher.This stone, lapis, is not a common rock, but a stone with extraordinary properties that can convert inferior substances into advanced forms.These changes are both material and spiritual.In other words, success depends on the experimental procedures and extraordinary changes in the minds of experts.Sobriety means that alchemy and his products have gone beyond the restricted categories of the physical world.We often dismiss these early pioneers as scammers, scammers, or greedy money --mongers.But in doing so, we also underestimated the great scientists, people like Isaac Newton, and products such as alcohol, sulfuric acid and brandy obtained from alchemy experiments.In fact, we need to rethink quantum physics, one of the most powerful branches of contemporary science.Because it is no less radical than alchemy in terms of breaking down the main categories of time, space and energy.For a quantum physicist, waking is nothing more than one of the many possibilities that are open to consciousness, and each has its own possibility to manifest itself in reality.Alchemy, like ancient Chinese philosophers, believes that subjective variables play a vital role in invention and discovery.Synchronicity is closer to their essence than the causal paradigm of the Western world.Like quantum physics, alchemy has a dream.Like mass, because it strives to imagine what is happening in nature itself, rather than the model superimposed on it.Quantum physics uses a certain degree of probability to mark potential events, but mentally, it becomes more and more difficult to do so as events become farther away from the field of reason.Obviously, I have a high probability of sleeping tonight, but what is the probability of my dream of Hermes or my neighbor?Because all mammals dream, we are also very likely to dream.In fact, humans dream for an average of 90 minutes a night.The better question is whether we will recall our dreams the next day.Unfortunately, I suspect this possibility is rather low, as we tend to reduce the value of dreams by using an extension method.The mind either takes the literal events for granted, or refuses anything else that doesn't make sense.Dreams look chaotic and useless.However, if we consider our dreams from the perspective of connotation, then we will open up a new world.Dreams occur in four periods of rapid eye movement.EEG tracking shows that dreams happen when we go out of deep sleep and go awake.Unless it's a nightmare, most of us avoid waking up from a dream, in which case we sometimes deny terror just by restoring consciousness.Neuroscientists believe that dreaming and memory are closely related and have provedThe path used during sleep is the same as the one we use when we are awake.Dreams are a means of consolidating memory into a permanent record.So they created and stored the personal "version" of our past ".May the same be said about future formation?The whole concept of time as a linear sequence, at least from Einstein of modern physics and the Mystics of countless centuries ago, was questioned.Einstein said: "People like us who believe in physics know that the difference between the past, the present and the future is just a stubborn illusion.Hyperspace theory believes that the time we usually know is a special feature of three time and space.Dimension space.These theorists believe that there may be as many as ten dimensions.This extended view of nature may be C.G.In his closing remarks on his last major book, the veil of mystery, Jung said, "alchemy, therefore, provides me with a great and valuable service, provides enough space for my experience, so it is possible for me to describe the personalized process at least in basic terms.In other words, Jung turns to alchemy, just as contemporary scientists imagine a larger concept of nature, to transcend the limitations of the mechanical model of Newton's worldview.But how do people in everyday life deal with the life needs that drive creativity, imagination, and soul?Where can we find "enough space" to explore the world beyond the surface?Dreams are likely to be the last source of great inspiration;As the Egyptians say the dream, where we go at night is not limited by the rules of traditional reality;A place without personal consciousness.Could dreams be one of the ten dimensions that hyperspace theorists describe in their mathematical models?If so, then the dream is the future of the "enduring illusion" that transcends time and space.As theoretical physicist Fred Allen Wolfe points out in his work, we create reality in our dreams.Put this sci-The concept of reality depends on how we see our dreams.We know that matter is physically influenced by consciousness.This "Observer Effect" is only true if a person really accepts this --Make discovery a fact and use it.In order to do this, whether we take our dreams seriously or not, most people have to accept that reality is changing every night.In Hindu philosophy, dreams are not limited to the night.Maya is a goddess. she weaves a network of illusion that we think is reality.When we beat a piece of wood, we believe it is solid.Particle physicists show that this is not the case.The energy generated by the spin of the particle is so great that whenever other masses come into contact with it, it is repelled.The illusion given by this energy collision is that the object is solid.This illusion is generally called Maya.But, as Campbell tells us, this technique of perception is only one of the three powers of Maya.The second force is similar to the discovery of physics: creating reality through projection.This is of direct practical significance.We can create a world by actively using our dreams by projecting, rather than passively accepting them.There was a time when the world followed the simple rules of order: The Past preceded the future, the reaction followed the stimulus, and so on.The world is no longer as simple as we think.As in a dream, life does not always follow this chain of events.In the world of quantum physics, two "entangled" particles can interact at any distance, and what happens to one of them will directly affect the other in the same way.In the quantum world, a potential response sends out waves that affect stimuli in some way.If it sounds like "Weird Science," it's because we have a deep-rooted habit of how reality should behave.Every night, dreams remind us that the natural world does not meet our needs for clarity --Cutting categories or linear sequences for common sense.We can project our thoughts into the future, and in return, the objects we project exert a force at the same time to influence whether we will act in a specific way that sounds like magic.Dreams are usually unconscious projections of thoughts and feelings, and they also have the power to influence life.A friend of mine had a dream and he found himself craving a Cherry Coke, his favorite drink.At 1 in the morning, he was awakened by such a desire that could not be ignored.After an hour, he got up and drove to the nearest convenience store.They had no Cherry Coke and he had some iced tea.When he drove home, he lost control of the car inexplicably and was quickly stopped by the police.They thought he was drunk until he was about to die.They rushed him to the emergency room, where he was diagnosed with kidney failure after an examination.Later, when he recovered, the doctor conducted a wider examination of him and found out the cause of his problem.Two weeks before the crisis, he was bitten by an infected touristic disorder.If my friend didn't have this dream, he would probably have died in bed that night.In the quantum world, dreams have an impact on Dreamers.Dreams come from different levels of the unconscious.There are many types of dreams related to the situation, conditions and environment.In a book, I counted fifteen big dreams.For example, there are awake, pregnant, collective, enlightenment, telepathy, clairvoyance and dreams in a dream.No matter what type, the dream has its own quality.In the above healing dream, the unconscious seems to be taking care of my friend and protecting him from life --Threat situationWhat alchemist relies on when working with the unconscious is the quality of this dream, meditation, and prayer.Modern physics provides evidence of what alchemist knew intuitively centuries ago.Many examples can be given to verify this statement.But one of my favorite is from Cyranides9, a sealed compilation that describes in detail the sympathy, counter-paths and other mysterious attributes of "birds, fish, plants and stones"Alexander's Harpocration wrote a source for Cyranides in the 2 th century.When asked, "Tell me ...... Is the soul immortal or mortal?Harpocration responded that many inexperienced people had a wrong view of the intellectual aspect of the immortal soul.But the soul is the master.Because when the body is resting in bed, the soul is resettled in its own place (that is, in the air), which is where we receive it;It thinks about what is happening in other regions.Usually, feel the love for the body in which it resides, and it heralds good or bad years before it arrives-in what we call dreams.Then it goes back to its place, awakening its body and explaining the dream.Let you know that the soul is immortal and indestructible.(89) the third power of Maya is to discover the real reality, and in different traditions, Veda or gnomisis is called something different.This is contrary to the projection.In order to see reality without all the desires, demands and distortions of how we distort reality, this is what the Buddha meant by "I am awake.The homeopathic motto that appears in alchemy, "like healing," suggests that if we wish to acquire the third power of Maya, we can awaken us with dreams, let's wake up from the illusion that a sober life is the only real reality.The famous Emerald piece of Hermes Trismegistus wrote, "as mentioned above, so here's to make a thing."This thing creates many realities, including the state of mind and body, spirit and soul, awake and dreaming.The "true gold" of the Enlightenment is awakening to the fact that humanity is part of humanity and a sacred part, the balance and integration of these parts is what we want to achieve through personalized psychological and spiritual work.In my own work, I find that when I wake up after a good night's sleep, dreams continue to flow into the day, as I understand what is happening, I have the ability to create a new world that is richer and more beautiful than I thought, without the gift that God has given me.
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