most powerful amplifier Be Careful

by:Winbridge      2019-12-04
The harvest of "careful" tomorrow in August 13, 2007 is determined by today's deeds.Watch what's in your head.Beware of "pollution of thoughts ".While you can't control all the information that comes in, you can and should choose to get as much positive, inspiring and inspiring information as you can.Make it a point to evaluate all the information you are exposed.This information will give you strength, or provoke you, or stop you.If you feel that this information is not helping you, then don't waste your precious energy on it.Be careful of what you allow to stay in your head.What affects your mental state is not what you are exposed to, but what you are concerned about.It's™The ideas you allow to take root and grow in your life.Pay attention to this, which will enhance your ability and add value to yourself and others.Your mind is like a fertile garden, and anything you plant will grow, so be careful to plant only what you want to harvest.Be careful not to close your mind and be open to all inputs, but be careful to evaluate this information and weed out all unnecessary negative inputs.Be careful of what's in your head.It is said that "sticks and stones can break my bones, but language will never hurt me", which is incorrect, language will cause great damage and has caused great damageLanguage is very powerful and can be used to hurt or heal, break down or accumulate, but they are your language and you have to choose how to use them.Be careful with the language you use.Your language use is one of the most powerful ways to create impressions.No matter how well you dress, if you are using the language of the gutter, or if your tongue is vicious, then people will remember that.Be careful with your education.Improve your vocabulary, the more words you know, the easier it is to communicate, and the better impression you give.Pay attention to your pronunciation.Saying the right thing will enhance understanding.Saying the right thing is a sign of an educated person.Be careful to speak well and speak well to yourself and others.Evaluate what you say with this test.Is it true?Is it necessary?Will it help the person you talk?Be careful of your actions.Your performance determines your fate.Each action produces results, and be careful that your actions produce the results you want.Be careful to act in a way that you can be proud.Be careful to act in a way that adds value to your life and the lives of those around you.Be careful to protect your environment.Be careful how you build your life.Realize that every action is the cornerstone of your past, and the cornerstone of your future, so be careful with your thoughts and say do it, because you influence tomorrow's potential with today's action.
I know that I am responsible for my life, that my actions today affect my potential for tomorrow, so I watch out for what I allow, what I allow, what I say and do, what I say and do.
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