most powerful amplifier Concern Yourself With What You Desire – Not How It Will Come To You

by:Winbridge      2019-11-19
Care about what you want-not how Anita Briggs, desaid, MSc, DAc will bring you.Copyright 2007 Anita L.Don't worry about how things happen.This can be taken care of by the universe or the mind matter that runs through everything, knows everything, communicates with everything and affects everything.On the other hand, your perspective is rather limited by comparison;So don't impose your ideas on how to do it, because then you limit the way the universe delivers things to you.In the Abraham-Hicks teaches that this is captured in "local technology" where your job is to determine what you want to experience in your life, not the way that experience brings you.
However, this does not mean that you have a passive role in the process of manifestation.A lot of people will say, "but 'God helps those who help you', which means you need to take care of your daily needs and then God will support you.First of all, this sentence was not quoted from the Bible, but from Ben Franklin, which appeared in the Poor Richard's yearbook of 1757.Secondly, it may be a reaction to the tendency of many to pray for God's help, to give up all responsibility and to expect God to either solve the problem, or to resign in life, which should be the will of God.But whenever you are ready to listen to the voice of truth within and take action, God will "fix things" for you ".God has given everything to his children!God-The inner will reveal the solution and attract everything you need to achieve your achievements.God gave his child the kingdom, which means that we are not in any way hindered --"All the goodness God has given us has been given to our inner reality, our higher self.In fact, we don't have everything now, but we have to admit it."2 we claim it by choosing the spiritual equivalent we desire in the physical form, I.e.By being in the consciousness of knowing, our desires are satisfied.When we claim common powerThe means and abilities that are created in our lives become active because these are the inner potentials.We must raise our awareness of this reality, with faith, listening to guidance, and starting to move towards that reality that has been realized.Your job is to imagine and think about the big ideas that will add to creation, then be prepared to accept resources and inspiration to achieve those visions and act on the opportunities that will be presented to you.Your active participation is not in arranging what is going to happen, but in keeping your consciousness in harmony with everyone's thoughts --Create and follow up the opportunities that will arise for divine guidance.Your covenant with the creator is written in joy3, so find something that makes you active ...... What inspires your soul ...... You will be fully supported to achieve this.For example, if you want wealth in order to do what you want freely, you are working behind.First determine what you really want and love --Nurture, motivate, and work, just as you have it now, all the resources you need will help you.How to deal with it when you try (E.G.g.Making money is to get freedom), you are doing it before you do it, and fighting at the invitation.If you can fulfill the responsibility of consciously following what you desire in your life and allow your actions to arise from the meaning of being, you will be consistent with the flow of creation, all your actions will be successful (1)e.Will bring you closer to your goal ).Many people believe that being grateful for what they have means being content with their "many in life ".But gratitude does not need to be stagnant.You can be deeply grateful and at the same time remain open and work towards greater achievement.In fact, the greatest thing you can do in life is to realize the full expression of your inner being and be the best of yourself.All the blessings that they thrive and seek for life are God's will to his children.When you realize yourself, you will bring gifts in this world that benefit others and support them to achieve.Creation is built on itself, and what we accomplish in consciousness or creation is good for our future generations and our peers in life.Achieve complete selfRealize that it benefits others and all creation in ways you can't imagine.In the spiritual wealth plan, the following principles are developed, among many other principles: all your true wishes are for God to seek expression.
The impulse to create is the increase of life.
Self-Fulfillment is the greatest gift you can impart to others, and is in harmony with the increase in life.
Aligned in the love you are, you have mastered the power of the Mind Matter --The power of the universe.
You are invited to cooperate as LoveCreate with your father.
You have an inalienable right to seek all blessings of life and answer all your prayers in the name of love.
It is right to seek blessings and inherit the kingdom, for doing so will enable you to thrive in your life and become a promoter of the growth of your life.
Although no one on earth can overcome temporary difficulties or pain, God wrote your covenant in joy.Seek your joy and you will find your true satisfaction there.
Your task is not to worry about how to create, but to worry about what and why (purpose) and to make what and why align with your love and work in harmony with the higher will, through the essence of thinking.
As long as you desire it from your complete, you can have all your desires (Ie.As long as it is not out of need or need, but out of desire to express or give ).We only care about what is supported by this passage, not how: "So don't think, say, what are we going to eat?Or, what do we drink?Or, what clothes should we wear.Because your heavenly father knows you need it all.You must first seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.These are all to be added to you.(Matthew 6:31-33) this passage makes it clear that we are not trying to ensure that means --This will be the responsibility of the father.This is done through the natural operation of the universal creation law, and when you are in love, the universal creation law will respond to you.It's not our responsibility to figure out how to survive --The Kingdom of God was not found there.We "seek the Kingdom of God" by seeking the expression of joy and desire that is inspired from the impulse of love, for this will bring us close to the consciousness of God.We don’t co-It is only after we have the power that we create with the father, but at this moment, when we seek the kingdom --This requires confidence in God's promise.When we insist on increasing our lives by teaching value to the world in a coordinated manner with the interests of all, we are in line with God's plan and can bear fruit for him."I am a vine. you are branches. In me and the people I am in him, there will also be many fruits. Because you can't do anything without me.(John 15:5 and Cofax) all your thoughts are manifest to some extent, and you have every thought, no matter what state of manifestation it is in.If you are eager for accelerated manifestation, then you must cultivate and lean towards your most precious ideas and give them greater weight and density.Therefore, many people do not pay attention to internal creation by cultivating their creative thinking when doing external things.Do you really know what you desire in all areas of your life?Think about it ...... If you don't, what do you attract/create as a life experience?Know what is the key!Only in this way can you enter the energy of your desire.When you arrange the energy, make sure you receive it clearly, and your idea is clear, crystal-Clear, and "foresee" enough, then you save yourself a lot of time and energy that is wasted on "action" and trying to achieve "how to act ".Abraham said that 17 seconds of pure creative thinking is equivalent to 2,000 hours of action (about 40 hours a year a week), and the value of 68 seconds is 2 seconds, 000,000 hours (about 1000 ......).Therefore, it is important to attach importance to creative thinking and recognize its strength in mobilizing creative energy forces to support performance.For example, if you are all ready to bring wealth into your life and have accepted that you have the right to thrive, then you will turn around and look for ways to make it happen in your outer life, instead of focusing on finding your happiness, creating principles from your self, aligning with your inner love, then you will interfere with your way and have lost faith.You will not be consistent with the increase in your life, because you first do not seek to express (give) yourself in your actions, but rather want to get something from your actions.When you think of yourself as consciousness and energy, then you will understand that when you think of yourself as a creative impulse, you will create a powerful vortex that is invisible to the material.Invisible matter is forced to increase life, and when you are a creative center as consciousness, you are very attractive to it.On the other hand, when you pay to get something or make something happen --No matter how lofty-, You are trying to get something from the world of form and will never create a powerful whirlpool effect of abandonment in order to express the joy and experience of self (Ie.Don't care about the return ).Your role is to find something that brings you joy, passion, and satisfaction, because when doing actions that are in harmony with it, you engage your entire being, put yourself in this world.The value you bring to the world is yourself.This is how you add to your creation.Consciousness is true, and value is measured by "truth;Therefore, only the expression of your existence can really increase creation.In order for you to generate greater value, the value you give to the world will be returned many times.So don't worry about how things will happen to you.Fully present in life, allowing the presentation of your own environment to guide you in the direction of your highest possible goodness."The secret is to go back into consciousness and stay away from what is seen until the underlying energy pattern keeps pulling matter into the vortex of vibration in it.That pattern, where is that vortex?In your consciousness.Within the vitalityCalled your field is the pattern of all things that exist in the phenomenal world.Once you have a clear idea of what you want to create in your life, the most powerful way is that you can convey this message to the formless mind-making material around you, and create a strong vortex in consciousness by satisfying the energy of your desires.This topic has been discussed in several articles on empowerment through the conscious consciousness series (you can sign up for the ator email info @ article excerpt from the self-wealth spiritual Project, a project to develop a sense of abundance, which contains the activation and affirmation enhancement tools of the internal mastery tools.It will also be included in a series of articles on accelerated performance as supporting material for upcoming research modules, ten steps, three states and five principlescreative Mind.1.Abraham is an entity led by esther Hicks, and he is one of those who emphasized the law of attraction in the early days.Seek the teachings of Abraham.John Randolph priceAuthorization: you can do, be, have everything!Hay House Inc.1996.p.993.Glenda Green.Jesus said, there is no end to love.Published.2002.4.John Randolph priceThe Love Book.Hay House Inc.1998.p.
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