most powerful amplifier Do You See Failure or Success?

by:Winbridge      2019-11-26
I recently attended a meditation workshop with Mark EpsteinA famous Buddhist psychologistHe tells a story about a meeting he had with spiritual mentor and writer Ram Das, in which Ram Das asked Mark Epstein about him and the patientWhen Mark spoke of his work, Ram Das interrupted him and asked, "Do you think they have recovered?I was deeply impressed by the story.As a business coach and therapist, I saw the problem clearly.Often solo.Service professionals can easily focus on our success by looking at themselves (what we are doing, creating, visualizing, etc.), But when we focus on the people we serve, the result is incredible.What do you see when you look at your customers or customers?Are you seeing failure or success?When I was a high school teacherWhen my students work aloneI will say to myself, "the light on me sees the light on you.I really feel it.I can see that my students succeeded before they saw it, and can even believe it boldly.However, as their teacher, I know it is my responsibility to maintain this vision and energy for them and then to guide them through the steps of action to get there.It always works.There are countless stories about the success of high school teaching.I saw the same situation (if not more)I 've learned a lot over the last few years) the success of private and bootcamp clients I'm working with now.I really think they are a successful magazine owner, professional organizers, coaches, meditation experts, feng shui practitioners ...... The list continues.It continues to work.See some proof here.I ask you to start applying this to your own business.Here are three steps you can take to see the success of the people you serve.Change the way you see things, change the way you see things.In Dr.Wayne Dale's book The Power of intent states, "it turns out that observing the actual behavior of particles at the smallest subatomic level changes the particles.This is a clear example of how energy affects energy.If I look at you and see your success, then you start to create more success!How great is this?So don't question your abilities when talking to potential customers, customers or customers (wondering if you will get a sale or join them in their predicament ), the most powerful action you can take is to change the way you see the situation.Think of them as happiness, peace, success ...... Wait.You will bring about a change that will bring more success and prosperity to you.(Feels much better than worry and doubt!) Give constantly.The energy of success is given continuously, and the supply is unlimited.When you can come from this place in your own business, you start to attract more people into your life.I know it's hard for me to understand when I first heard this.Mainly because I used to come from a place of giving, but I immediately had an eye to make sure I was compensated and also believed that I would not be compensated.Guess what?I didn't, and I felt a lot of resentment.When I focus on giving for the success of the people I serve, while confidently taking care of myself and what my business needs (rather than waiting for others) do it), there are more successes around.Separated from the results.When you can see success, you don't need to stick to the result because you know it will succeed.Whenever you fall into accumulation (I have to get this client;I have to sell to this customer) and then you can't see what your main goal is --See the success of the people you serve.Find out what's going on with the person you're talking.Ask them, ask yourself, what do they need?There are usually many answers to this question.layered.(For example, potential customers who come to me may need to get more revenue from their business, but they also need to pass the barriers they unconsciously set for themselves to prevent them from getting more money.So you will see that their needs are adequately met and start the process of working with that person so that you can help achieve that.Your Energy™Call to Action: Ask yourself, how do I see my prospects, clients, or clients?Be honest.Just let the answer come.No judgment.It will give you a lot of information.Whatever answer you get now, ask yourself, "How can I improve?"How do I see this in a different way?One day, focus only on the people you serve and their success.Write down how you feel, the results your customers get, and the differences in other pop-ups.
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