most powerful amplifier Doorways To the Presence of Spirit

by:Winbridge      2019-11-30
"How do I connect more mentally?How can I hear the voice of my spiritual guidance?"I often hear these questions from my clients and from people who attended my seminars and workshops.Everyone on the spiritual path wants to experience spiritual existence in his or her life.We want to know that we are not alone.We want to know that at every moment of our lives we are loved and guided in our highest beauty.How can we have this experience?Sometimes we encounter this situation accidentally.We may feel particularly open.Just like we walk in nature and embrace children or pets.At those times, we may feel the warmth and deep happiness in our hearts.When we are in this state, creative ideas or profound wisdom may come to our minds.This is the experience of spiritual existence.But for many of us, it is not enough to happen occasionally.We want this all our lives.What can we do to consciously allow ourselves to accept the experience of spiritual existence?The truth of love, compassion, peace, happiness and spirit has been here all the time.It is what we live in, it is the essence of our inner life.But in order to experience it, we must be open to it.Our hearts and minds must be open to the existence of the spirit of acceptance.Whether we have the experience of spiritual existence depends on our intention.When we try to protect ourselves from suffering by controlling ourselves, others and results, our hearts are closed.When our purpose is to learn to love ourselves and others, our hearts open.When our hearts are closed, we cannot experience the existence of the spirit.We are eager to learn under our spiritual guidance of loving ourselves and others, which opens the mind and invitation before the spirit.Our intention to learn is the most powerful way to spiritual existence.Once you have chosen the intention of learning, there are other doors that can promote the opening of the mind.Gratitude and appreciation choices express gratitude and appreciation for the daily blessings in our lives, opening the heart.Sincere Gratitude Prayer for the food you eat or the beauty of nature, or sincere "thank you" for the kindness of others will open your heart and bring a feeling of fullness and happiness, this is the experience of spiritual existence.If you encounter difficulties in your studies, you may try to focus on what you are grateful for and what you are deeply grateful.This may open up your heart to begin to understand love.Accept when you choose what to accept instead of continuing to try to control things that you cannot control --For example, what others think of you or the result of thingsYou will feel the peace of mind.This opens the door for understanding the part you are constantly trying to control.Knowing the part of your control, not judging this part of you, will open your heart and allow the love and compassion of the spirit.Kindness to yourself and others will open your heart.Kindness is an invitation to the existence of the spirit that fills your heart with energy.Choosing kindness is a powerful passage to spiritual existence.When you choose to express gratitude and appreciation, choose to accept yourself and others, and choose to be kind to yourself and others, you choose to open your heart to learn how to love yourself and othersYou will experience peace and joy, a clear sign of spiritual existence.
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