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by:Winbridge      2019-10-08
Founded in 1932, Wisconsin-Dremel-based company is a manufacturer of electric tools, and the choice of rotating tools may be the most striking.The company's more powerful rotating tools can grind, Polish, Polish and cut many surfaces, including stones.In addition to the basic rotation options, Dremel provides a small number of other tools suitable for the light stone cutting task.
Be sure to pay attention to safety-Including wearing protective glasses-When cutting any kind of stoneAccording to the official website of the manufacturer, Dremel 4000 high-performance rotary tool is the company's most powerful rotating choice.This variable speed tool rotates 5,000 to 35,000 times per minute, consuming 1.6 amps of electricity through its 6-foot-Long power cord, 120 V running.
As a hand-With the tool, it came in at 18.8 ounces.4000 high performance rotary tool with electronic feedback, fastCool-change the collet lockRolling Bearing Structure of 360-1Degree grip area and replaceable motor.Height of toolPerformance Motor, suitable for stone cutting;Dremel recommends running at a rotation speed of 35,000 times per minute when cutting hard stones.
This tool is made up of five-Annual manufacturer warranty and compatible with all accessories and accessories of Dremel, including the company's highPerformance accessories.The 545 diamond wheel is a manual aid for DremelHand-held rotating tool.According to the official website of dreimel, Diamond wheels are fully inlaid with diamond particles, designed for cutting, carving hard stone surfaces such as marble, concrete, bricks, porcelain and ceramics.
In addition, the tool passes through hard epoxy and hard and soft wood.Its diamond coating has a long service life without losing its shape.The tool can rotate 20,000 times per minute and is compatible with most Dremel rotation tools.
In terms of size, it takes 7/8-Inch drill diameter 0.23-inch thickness.Dremel's engraving kit cuts the surface on stone, glass, metal, plastic, wood and leather materials.According to the manufacturer's website, the tool uses the carbide tip to cut fine and deep engraving lines for decorative and personalized purposes.
This little handKeep the tool consuming 115 V power to run at 0.2 amps per minute, 7,200 times.The Dremel Engraver kit features a wired operation, a stroke adjustment dial, a replaceable carbide tip, a letter and digital template, and a soft grip.Optional 9929 diamond point accessory in heavy duty direction-Use on a hard surface, such as a stone head.
Dremel offers twoAnnual warranty for this tool
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