most powerful amplifier Energy, How to Manifest Your Health, Wealth & Happiness

by:Winbridge      2019-11-29

Excerpts from health warriors... The secret of conquering healthy internal games (www.Healthwarriorbook.If we ask you, "what created the health of a person?We may get all kinds of answers;Genes, diet, exercise, smoking or stress levels in life.These factors do affect our health, but they are not the answer we want.We want to go deeper.We should ask ourselves what created health and what created it?To do this, we must see what we cannot see.We know what you might be talking about right now.“Huh?Can't see?This is meaningless."What we're talking about is what's going on inside us --It all comes down to the world of energy.Energy is everywhere. everything has energy.Faith is energy, thought is energy, emotion is energy, and our actions are energy.Consciousness is the control of this energy, and the unconscious is the uncontrollable energy.That's why it's so important to live in the's time to make the right choice for your health.There are two elements of existence in everything;Energy and matter;It can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed.Everything in this material existence is created from the original thought (energy.The thought creates things (the accumulation of matter), which includes you and your health.If your health is made up of energyThe energy of faith, thought, emotion, and action, then you have the ability to change your health in any way you wish.The basis of universal energy is transformation.The universe is constantly changing, and that's all it does.The universe has a wealth of energy that allows you to completely change what you want in life, which is right for your health.The universe does not know the lack.So the lack of health is actually the same energy that translates into a lot of unhealthy or disease.Our bodies have a natural ability to heal themselves by the energy of cell resonance or cell communication.When your body or emotions are scarred, your body is often hindered by energy.Imagine if the electricity in your home is blocked.What happens?Things get short-lived or out of power, right?Well, the same is true of your body, and your lights will not normally go out;Over time, they will become more dim.In the end, if this energy block is ignored, or is not solved correctly, it will appear in a condition of illness or worst, and your light will go out.What we want to do is reveal the energy influencing factors of conscious and subconscious, and how to manipulate them to your advantage.The law of duality is produced here.Duality refers to balance, or the opposite nature of all things that exist.There is cold heat, good or bad, yin and yang, health and disease.Each pair comes from the same vibrant makeup, the difference is how every vibrant seed works and is allowed to grow and thrive.Imagine having a jar full of water in front of you.You can freeze it or cook it.We start with the same water, and even though our thought energy leads to our action energy, we can create different outcomes, whether it's frozen water or boiling water.It's a cool thing.No matter what action we take initially, boil or freeze, we can translate the final result into the exact opposite.We can melt the frozen water and boil it, or we can stop the boiling water and freeze it.The same is true of your health.You can turn your health into the opposite of health and vice versa, which is so simple and profound.Remember what we said before, lack of health is only a good harvest of poor health. we must choose our abundance.The ultimate power lies in the ability to control the flow of energy focus --Attraction-There are two very powerful universal laws for expansion, called the law of attraction and the law of expansion.When it comes to energy transformation, it is irresponsible not to share this with you.These laws stipulate that you will be attracted no matter what you choose to focus your attention on.The law of attraction and expansion is the energy that shapes our lives.Now, we're not saying that all you have to do is focus on something and it will come.What this book offers is how to identify obstacles that do not allow this to happen so easily.Once we know the obstacles, we can try to clear the way.To a large extent, our current health care system chooses to focus on the problems of lack, fear and disease.So what is our country full?You guessed right, lack of adequate health, fear of unhealthy, materialized and inflated disease.Can you imagine where we would be if we were taught to focus on health reinforcement?Your health today is a direct result of your past focus and attention.Your future health will depend on where you focus your attention and focus now.If you desire health, you should now focus on all aspects of health.So whether it's the idea you think about, what you say, or the action you take, we ask you to start focusing on what you want to embody in your health.Start to simulate every part of your life, no matter how small you want.Do you know that what you want and need is completely different?You certainly need something, but unless you have a strong desire, it is likely that you will not be able to create it.Also, when you decide what you want, once you focus on the object of desire, you will be surprised how fast it will behave.Pay yourself first!The power of compound Hilbert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.While he is talking about monetary power, it is an immutable universal rule that applies to everything.You know what it's like to save money in a bank at a specific rate.When you leave it there and don't quit, you end up getting more money than you started because of interest.You will end up getting more if you start making time deposits.This is the power of compound interest.--free money.Now let's take a look at free health.This is to pay their first mentality.This is done by most of the financial masters, and it is effective.They say take your salary at least 10% and let it grow, grow, and grow.You will eventually become a millionaire.We want you to be a millionaire in health.Your salary will be the energy of your health awareness habits.It is your energy that will make you eat correctly, exercise, and become the fire of your motivation.It means you do your thing first, not the first.You have to pay first.In our clinical practice, we have seen countless cases, usually where mothers and wives are constantly returning to their homes, and the end result is that they cannot balance their work and lifestyle, love and happiness in the long run.Pay yourself first, you will have all the energy you need, and more (remember the power of compound) to take all your other responsibility.Start practicing healthy habits from inside out, and over time you will see an increase in warp speed.Let your healthy habits build up and reward you and let them give you all the energy you need.Let your daily health awareness deposit and watch them build.Healthy habits are closely related to health.
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