most powerful amplifier Energy Psychology Is Yoga For Your Imagination

by:Winbridge      2019-11-28
We are all familiar with the concepts of yin and yang, consciousness and unconscious, and ebb and flow.In yoga, we strive to express our strong desire for perfection and unity of our thoughts, bodies and spirits with body-perfect asanas (postures.However, despite years of dedicated practice, many of us have found that our minds are still unruly, capricious, and sometimes absolutely unfriendly to our declared calm and calm goals.Why is that?In order to answer this question, we need to study some fascinating studies from the scientific community, especially the emerging ones called energy psychology.A scientific revolution is taking place and it will really change the Earth.You see, cutting-edge science is starting to prove that our minds actually create our bodies and our world.This is the intuitive knowledge of many of us over the years. now more and more scientists in the world turn their attention to Einstein's discovery. my conclusion is that in the arena of consciousness, he is light years ahead of the rest of us again.So, what is the relationship between energy psychology and yoga?Because patanghali, author of yogaMany people believe that it is the classic of the father of yoga, and first formulated the practice of Raja Yoga as a means of controlling the mind, which is exactly what energy psychology does!.In chapter 1 and section 2 of yogaYoga is a redirect to fluctuations in consciousness, he said.If we combine patanghali's definition of yoga with some of the conclusions that have been drawn in today's leadership --We began to understand that not only can we, but we have to change in biology-Before we can manifest these changes in our lives, the energy level, the consciousness level.This is where Einstein appeared again."No problem can be solved from the level of consciousness that created it," he said."Let's assume that your mind is too easy to fall into a state that is obviously not yoga, and you know the states of anger, sadness, depression, and pure unhappiness.Now, if we look at this psychological tendency as a problem, according to Einstein, we need to use different levels of consciousness to solve this problem.Fortunately, he not only discovered the problem, but also revealed the key to solving the problem."Imagination is more important than knowledge.Knowledge is limited.Imagine the world around.Einstein also gave us the following clues: "The real sign of wisdom is not knowledge, but imagination."Imagination is everything.This is a preview of the upcoming attractions of life."When Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, is he really serious?Imagination is the real symbol of wisdom??Everything is imagination???If the answer is yes, then one more thing we need to know.How can I create the most powerful and positive imagination?This brings us to Simon District: Yoga is your imagination and one of the most complete and powerful selfThe development of energy psychology methods available today.People from all over the world have found that it is possible to obtain and maintain a state of inner balance and peace from the comfort and privacy of their own homes --line -It only takes a few minutes a day.Our minds are in a state of balance, and good things seem to happen automatically.Spontaneous, creative and selfEven if sadness, fear, insecurity and anger disappear, expression will blossom and bear fruit.After all, isn't this one of the main reasons for yoga practice?Simone Zone is an imaginary authorization tool that can quickly take you from a state of pain to an oasis of calm.With cutting-edge biotechnologyWith the energy exercises that Simon district offers you, you will soon learn how to discover and immediately change your bad mental habits to smooth your mind from time to time.In just 10-12 minutes a day, you will learn how to use your imagination to change your electronic blueprint to strengthen your ability to enter the brain to automatically release amazing chemicals in your system, such as oxytocin (the hormone involved in social recognition and binding) and endorph (the peptide that gives you a good feeling)being).You see, most of us are very good at automatically releasing adrenaline ("Anger hormone") or adrenaline ("fear hormone"), according to Simon district, these automatic negative reactions are the reasons why we are not able to reach our potential in love, health and finance --being.The Simone Zone project has lifetime membership.If you only use it for one year, you can use it at a cost of only 12 cents per day.In addition, a 100% refund guarantee is attached to the plan.If you do not agree that Simon district is indeed what we say, yoga is your imagination and will change your life and we will be happy to refund your money.The only thing we ask for is that you promise to use Simon zone for 21 consecutive Angels (if you miss a day you have to start over and cheat is not allowed)12 minutes a day.In those 10-After 12 minutes, we assure you that you will learn how to completely reset your mindset so that you can spontaneously create a peaceful and smooth state of mind without any effort.As you see improvements in your relationship, career and overall well-being, these benefits will soon become apparent, after applying the Simon zone to your imagination for 21 consecutive days, if you don't fully agree with our project like doing yoga for your mind, let us know and we will refund your money and you can keep all the materials we send you for free.(Minus S & H) so don't wait, go to: www.SimoneZone.Com can immediately access and start using the Simone Zone energy psychology program, yoga to inspire your imagination.We invite you to join us on this exciting health sharing tour, jon C. mejia and RG Gaznabi are the creators of Simon district and the author of Why act like a mouse when you are really a catS.As an additional bonus, all Simone Zone members will receive our monthly newsletter, InVision, full of the latest developments in neuroscience and awareness research.
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