most powerful amplifier Facing Your Soul's Dark Night

by:Winbridge      2019-11-21
As the old model has to die, our foundations are shaking and moving towards turmoil.The emotions buried in our body's temples are brought to the surface for purification.As we observe our thoughts and feelings, clarity becomes clearer when everyone has to face the divine spirit.Some people will feel these old injuries, acknowledge their weaknesses, and realize that they are only a short experience of a sick soul.Everyone must face themselves and their relationship with God, the only spirit, our creator.When the old value system crashes, everyone has to taste and test what has happened in the past.Everyone must know their exact position in the world and face their darkest secrets.From the "highest", "most powerful" people on Earth to the most humble creatures.All are asked to search and reflect on their lives.Some people think it is a blessing, and some people think it is a curse.Every soul will pay for their past actions.Each of us will know where we are in a relationship with a great spirit.When the darkest hour comes, some people see it as a real reality.Others will see it because it is an illusion.Some will learn from it and some will fight and try to destroy it.In their desire for worldly power and control, when children are locked in their own power, they inevitably destroy themselves.There is really only one kind of power in the universe, a source of infinite power --Holy Spirit.A great spirit, Allah, the Lord, all names are the only source for all good.We got the gift of suffering.It is a way to repay the evil acts, misfortunes and confusions we have lost.When all the negative emotions come to the surface, be aware that this is for our best interest.The Power of Darkness is only a reflection of light from above.These are necessary for our higher education.Knowing this, our greatest weakness is also our deepest strength.Our lives are being changed and our Earth is shifting to a new and higher tune with our creator.As the Earth rises in vibration into the fourth dimension, we must also be shaken as the incarnation of our creator to reveal all the hidden places.If we really see under the surface, when we peel the layers, we can see that our planet and everyone in our lives are awakening.See your shortcomings as stepping stones to your true divine self.Below all these levels, is the infinite spark of the goddess at the heart of your being.This infinite Spirit of oneness is at the heart of every living creation on this planet.How many spirits will you allow to surface and, in turn, bless all those you meet?What is happening around our planet is a reflection of what is happening in each of us.We have all contributed to climate change.As we progress in our own lives, we can create a planet that is more loving and harmonious.If everyone believes that we can have peace, that every experience is sent to us on the wings of the spirit of love, we can create peace on earth together.When everyone changes to a better way, the people around them follow suit.It's time for us to see that spirit plays a role in every experience of our daily lives.You are loved, you know.Every action on this planet is given in love.Know that there is invisible angel power around you in the thoughts of whispering encouragement to you.One day there will be peace on Earth.There will be a smile on each of us's faces and life will be happy.All will know that God and Goddess together form a great spirit in the hearts of all men and women.©2007Merry C.
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