most powerful amplifier Find out more about yourself by meditating on the heart...

by:Winbridge      2019-12-03
When we mention or gesture to ourselves, we usually point to the middle of the chest, because we feel that there is something in it that reflects the "I" we are referring ".So if you want to learn more about yourself, the middle of the chest will be the most natural place to meditate!In terms of spirituality, this place is known as the heart center, and for thousands of years it has been used as the focus of spiritual practice by cultures and religions around the world.Meditation in the heart center will give you a more comprehensive understanding of life.For the most part of our lives, we operate by separation, division, and classification.In contrast, the heart only wants to empathize with and identify with the object you see.When we are in our hearts, we will not feel isolated from reality;On the contrary, everything has experienced more vitality and immediacy.The Heart Center is one of several energy centers in the human body, known as the chakra in Indian spirituality.Each chakra has its own unique quality;When we meditate in the heart center, the most important quality is divine Love.Love is a word that is now used in many cases, so it is necessary to divide it into two types --Human love and divine love.What we call human love is a kind of love expressed in many human relationships, a bit like negotiation or contract --It is a love that depends on the other person who loves them or meets some of their emotional expectations.It is also a love that focuses very narrowly on one person or one object, not all others.By contrast, when we bring our consciousness to the center of our hearts, we experience a completely unconditional love and goodwill for the whole of humanity.We feel connected to the world and the source of creation, and we feel where we are in the universe.This love we can call divine love because it is a love that brings us out of our narrow little selves and helps us become truly infinite.How does a person begin to meditate in the heart center?Sri Chinmoy, a contemporary meditation teacher, suggests some simple tips you can use.One skill is to identify with the heart rather than the mind by imagining that you have no mind at all.Say to myself, "I have no mind, I have no mind.What I have is heart.Sri Chinmoy in his best-selling book Meditation: man-The perfection of GodSatisfaction."After a while, I don't think I have a heart.What I have is soul.When you say "I have a soul", you will be overwhelmed by purity.But you have to say again, "I have a soul," "I am a soul," and then say, "I am a soul," Imagine the most beautiful child you have ever seen, think your soul is infinitely more beautiful than that child.Another way is to imagine the fire deep inside you."Now, the flame may be small, flashing;It may not be a powerful flame.But one day it will be the most powerful and bright.Try to imagine that the flame is lighting your heart."Many beginners have found that they are most successful in entering the heart center by using spells.A spell is a word or phrase repeated over and over again.The soul is occupied by singing, so the inner meaning of the spell can melt in the heart.The most commonly used spell is the OM spell, which is often referred to as the "mother of the spell" and is said to be a manifestation of universal consciousness.When saying a spell, it helps to put your hand in your chest, or fold your hand over your chest in a prayer pose.This allows you to feel the physical vibration of the sound in the heart center, which helps to draw your attention to the heart.Try to feel that you are chanting spells from the heart, and you are looking deeper and deeper for the source of the spells in your heart.
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