most powerful amplifier Get Your Message Across by Creating Powerful Stories

by:Winbridge      2019-11-29
Story is a very powerful way to communicate.But you don't have to take it from me.Think of Plato's point of view: "People who tell stories rule society."Maybe you don't want to rule society, but you want to be more influential.Creative writing instructor Robert McKee: "storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into practice in today's world."Now we are discussing-all of us have ideas that we want to share and spread.The bottom line is that stories can help us do this if we want to communicate more effectively.However, there is an art of making and telling stories in an effective way.While the content about powerful story telling is far more than the exploration in a short essay, I can give you some very specific ideas to help you choose and build your own powerful story.Choosing your story if you don't choose the right story to present or support your message, it doesn't matter how effective it is to tell the story.To choose the right story, you have to start with your goal-what do you want to show?What ideas do you want to support?When trying to convey a particular message, do not tell a story just for the sake of telling a story;Tell a story to forward your message.Having a clear mental picture before you start is critical to your overall success as a storyteller.Once you know the goal, the challenge is to find the story!Check your own experience first.You may be able to determine when you are in a similar situation, or you may be able to use a story that doesn't seem relevant at first, but once you close the loop while telling the story, the information can be clearly expressed.Anyway, when you can tap into your own experience for the idea of your story, you have a good start because you have a deep understanding of the story.If you can't think of a personal story, go somewhere else to find it.Think about what you have read or heard in the past.Newspapers and biographies are also the main places to discover your story.No matter where you find your story, choosing it is just the beginning if you want it to be strong-you have to take the basic story and build it carefully, to create the power you want.When you create a powerful message by putting your basic story outline and developing it, consider the following factors to build your story.Simple.Basic is best.One of the easiest ways to ruin your story is to make it too complex or contain too many details.Find ways to hone the basic elements of your story.It will show your information better and more memorable.Unexpected.A turning point.Think about it.You are not very interested when you hear a story that is too transparent.Make your story more interesting by building Curiosity-Curiosity builds up when the story has at least an unexpected component.Concrete.Be specific.While you want the story to be based on the concept, you want the story to be specific enough and interesting.Keeping this balance mainly comes from a description of the components you left in the story, rather than a detailed description of all that might be included.Credible.Be believable.This part comes from the choice of the story, but also from telling the story in a credible way.Have you ever heard of a "fish story" that has been beautified to which no one believes?Really make your point (unless your point is in danger of modification) keep your story believable.Emotional.Tell them why they care.The best and most powerful stories have emotional components;That's part of why we love stories!Build your story to highlight the emotions you or others feel in the case you retell.These emotional connections will make your story notable to a large extent-and will therefore succeed as well!Choosing your story and using the suggestions above to build it will significantly increase the value, usefulness and strength of the story you tell.These methods will help you communicate more effectively as a leader in any area of your life.
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