most powerful amplifier God Takes New Prophet By The Hand

by:Winbridge      2019-11-26

Hi, I'm Arthur Levin, author of the novel Johnny op.Please feel free to use this article as long as the resource box is available.Key words: Kabbalah, Prophet, Hand of God, holy, wedding Johnny op and his bride are Sahara, standing in front of the Huppa, in this case, it is made of wood with a white plaid frame covered with beautiful white carnations.Huppa is a cover or canopy traditionally used for Jewish wedding ceremonies.They faced the father of Sahara, Rabbi kabbalabi Frenbren, who presided over the wedding under the leadership of Huppa.In the garden of Rabbi frumbren, there are many important Kabbalah religious figures from all over the world and some of Johnny's most powerful friends, members of his flock in the dialectical rationalisation of the materialistic religion.More than 240 people gathered on the big lawn of Rabbi Frenbren's house, and almost completely did not believe this strange ceremony, in the process of the formation of a young upstart, the almost strange alliance would be the Prophet, she is also the daughter of the highly respected Cabo Rabbi frenburen.Most people think it's not a paradise game until it happens.The young couple were all dressed in flowing white linen gowns, and I just got to part of the ceremony, the groom will traditionally break a glass at his feet to symbolize-I will let you imagine with your imagination what it symbolizes-when a big boom party.A passing cloud suddenly turned dark gray, a lightning bolt, which, unlike what had been seen before, looked like five lightning bolts came out of it, apparently like a hand, hit Huppa and set it on fire.The most amazing thing is that neither the white carnations nor Johnny or his bride were hurt, but the poor old Cabo-Rabbi frenburen noticed in horror, his red velvet slippers caught fire and he had to take off his slippers immediately in order to avoid being badly burned.Johnny laughed happily and said, "Look, old man, God has put your feet on the fire, for you have not accepted my superiority of dialectical rationalisation of materialistic religion.God has spoken.I tell you that you will see that the hand of God has made this marriage holy, and now you and all of me have witnessed the truth.It was a great day.God has spoken."The old rabbi was shaken and could only say, 'This is a blessing.There is no doubt about this.The Sahara kissed Johnny warmly and turned and said to the crowd present: "God spoke.He blessed me and Johnny.If you only believe and witness the miracles you see, you will also be blessed.The crowd agreed with them and they said to a man and woman, "we believe, we believe, God has spoken ."."The Mysterious Kabbala newspaper was attended by only one journalist, who borrowed photos of God's hand from the lightning shot by the photographer when he fell down to look back and was startled by the lightning, hit an ice sculpture with chopped liver models.This photo is published in all leading newspapers with the title "God holds the hand of the new prophet ".Someone heard Johnny say, I told you, I told you, I have this "word ".I am the messenger.I am a prophet.No one can deny this.Wait, see what I'm doing next.Then he took a whole bottle of sweet Jewish red wine with a big mouth, then fainted, and fell on the bride sitting on a table to order a wedding gift check.In her first marriage displeasure, she pointed out to her unconscious husband that he had made her lose her value, and that when he woke up there would be a hellish price, whether the Prophet or not.Johnny was not moved. drunk stup muttered mum: "You wait to see what I will do next.I’m a prophet.
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