most powerful amplifier Happiness Is A Decision

by:Winbridge      2019-11-22
I sit here and write this article with a big smile on my face because I feel happy.You might want to know what's going on to make me happy.Nothing.Not a thing.Zippo.I am sitting here feeling grateful and happy.That's how I feel.A few years ago, I asked Lionel Kaiqin to be a guest on my radio show.The show is called Happiness is a decision.He has set up happiness clubs all over the country (maybe now all over the world!) teaches people how to be happy.What's going on for the purpose of life!One thing we discuss is that happiness is a decision.Internal state of the well-It can be felt in a direct relationship with what is happening, or because there is no external happening.Happiness is a feeling of being independent of anything that needs to happen!This is really to make yourself feel the happiness that is already in your heart because your soul lives in a state of love, peace and happiness.Just decide to let it in!He believes :~ You can be happy now and every moment in the future.Happiness is the most powerful skill you can learn.Happiness gives each of us greater insight.A collective vision for world peace.~ Unconditional happiness spreads the love of honesty and brings true freedom to all creation that shares this beautiful planet.~ It all depends on you.Happiness becomes you.When we talked last year, he said that about 16 years ago, he decided to be happy every day.Did he succeed?He says yes.Now he admits that he has his moment like the rest of us, and when that happens, he asks himself, "is this more important than feeling happy?Is it worth giving up my happiness?In answering these questions, he said he did not find anything more important.He does not want to give up his happiness for anyone or anything.I haven't arrived yet.I am still immersed in the mental drama and pressure of imagination.However, I am still optimistic and eager for every opportunity to choose happiness.Today, my happiness found me!Can you imagine being happy every day?You can if you choose it.So this is my challenge to you (and me!).Celebrate all your life experiences as an opportunity to learn and grow.Make Happy decisions every day and watch all the good things you attract into your life.Here, let the joy!
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