most powerful amplifier How Much Information To Give-a-way In Your Information Products

by:Winbridge      2019-11-20
I am often asked how much information you should provide in free special reports and other information products.The worry is, if you givea-Too many people won't buy more from you.In this post, I'll give you an easy way to tell you exactly what to give --a-This way you will still give you a lot of value and attract people to buy more from you ...... In general, I believe you should give --a-Enough for your prospects to say, "My God!If the free information product is so good, then the paid product must be great!The question is not how much information you give.a-Way ...... Your primary goal is to be considered to always provide excessthe-top value.People want to buy from generous people ...... In fact, they feel obliged to buy!
This is one of the most powerful tools to persuade.The law of reciprocity stipulates that we should repay what the other person has provided us in kind.If you receive someone's birthday present, we feel the need to give them a better one on their birthday.If not ...... Our fear will be seen as a person who likes sports.This is not a bad thing.In fact, well-known anthropologist Richard Leakey said that the essence of making us human is reciprocity: "We are human beings, because our ancestors learned to share their food and skills in a glorious network of obligations.So when you give up a lot of great value in your information product, you actually trigger subtle psychological reactions in your audience.Deep in their hearts, they will feel obliged to repay you ......e.Buy your product or hire you.
Here's a simple way to think about how much information to givea-In your information product ...... Do you know how dense the pyramids are?It’s heavy!The volume of the pyramid is made up of a dense layer of stone.Imagine all the knowledge and experience in your mind like the volume of the pyramid.Pretending that 100% of the volume of the pyramid represents 100% of your knowledge and experience.Now imagine cutting a large and powerful saw blade at the top of the pyramid.For example, the top stone will be 5% of the total volume of the pyramid.The top stone falls on the entire pyramid below it ...... But it only accounts for a fraction of the total volume.Again, your free donationa-Information products, like a special report, only need to give 5% of your knowledge to others.You can give an overview of everything you know ...... But this is general information.Take a look at a good example of my special report "three secret steps to create an information product that makes you make money.” (www.infoproductguy.Overall I gave up my whole project.I gave you enough inspiration ...... But I don't like nitpicking.Details of how to create an information product.You have to work for one-on-one with me.But because I am very open to my knowledge, people will know me, like me and trust me.You can do the same.Let's continue down the pyramid ...... Imagine the huge saw blade falling off a few layers from the top of the pyramid ...... Say 50% of the total volume.This represents 50% of the knowledge in your mind.This could be your $200.$500 signature information products: 5 workbooks on cd and 200 pages.Here you not only tell people what to do, but also how to do it.You give them the templates and exercises you have developed over the years so that they don't have to solve all the problems themselves.This level can also be your team coaching program.It's a group, so it's cheaper ...... But it also means that there are not so many people --on-Once with youAre you starting to see how this works?The deeper you go into the pyramid, the more knowledge you provide, the higher the price you charge.The trick to free low-cost information products is to tell people what to do ...... Not how to do it.In order for them to learn in more detail how to solve their problems, you have to share more specific information ...... You even have to roll up your sleeves and teach them how "--on-one.It takes you more knowledge and time.I encourage you to give more than less.People will forget the information, but they will remember that you are a valuable person.That's why you succeeded.
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