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by:Winbridge      2019-11-24
Millions of women from all over the world find some of the behavior of men rather strange.Why would a completely strange person give them gifts or money?"They don't even know me," said Jamie, a 22-year-old college student.Before we discuss how to make a woman really attracted to you, then discuss how to speed upSo she's always thinking about you, let's talk about something that makes the attraction disappear.If you are a man, not a boy, then a woman will think you are mature, your life together, you don't need it on any level.That means you won't be acting "creepy", "weird", or even "dirty ".These are the common words that women use when I go to talk.This is one I recently met at a popular nightclub in Hollywood: Me: What did that person say to you?Cute girl: Why do you want to know?Me: So I know never to say!He said he wanted to take me home. He's cute....what a sleaze-bag.Me: Of course you would say "no", I mean, I took a look at him and I wouldn't even go home with him even if he had PS3 and Xbox on the big screen!Cute Girl:Uh...yeah....You're a strange person.Me: Yes, but the way is good.Lovely girl: Yes, a good way.Me: I let a woman come up to me and tell me she wants me to go home with her.Really?Yes, but I told her I had the standard.I just didn't go home with anyone...Besides, she reminds me of my teacher in grade 5.Lovely girl: Really, how about it?Me: my fifth grade teacher is really beautiful. I have a crush on her, but one day she was drunk and appeared in the class.I think she had a hard time at home.Anyway.....I can smell her bad smell when she stands next to me.These are all negative emotions.Lovely girl: I have a creepy eighth grade teacher who is always staring at my chest.I think it's dirty.He looked at your chest?That guy's crazy...I will see something else.Oh, really?What?Me:Your nose.It's as cute as a button.I have to go. my friend may be looking for me.Cute girl: Are you really leaving?Me:Well...I can always ask the "creepy" guy to come back....Cute girl (hit my arm) do you dare?Me:Jeez....We just met and you 've fallen in love with me and I'm really going to start acting more like a creepy guy....Lovely girl: You are very interesting......Me: Yes, I know, in a good way.....Over the past decade, I have tried thousands of things in many types of venues: bars, streets, supermarkets, gas stations, nightclubs, food festivals, swapmeets, amusement parks, universities, seminars, etc.I understand that most women are attracted to a confident man who is neither vulgar nor in need of help.They want a normal man.Now, some men tell me "but I'm normal" that they're too wrong.When I observe them in this field, they tend to behave too well, too pleasant, and ultimately lower their social status while promoting women.It was a disaster.If you can be a little funny (you don't have to be very funny to attract ladies), naturally relax and be confident and don't want to go somewhere with every woman you meet, then your appeal will rise.So how does a person become a confident person who does not fall into the tunnel vision?After all, tunnel vision is one of the main reasons why men don't improve their game.Tunnel vision, also known as T.V.When a man thinks he has to work with any particular woman.They usually say things like "I really like this girl" or "I know she's special" (when they barely know her) or "I want to talk to her, but I don't want to screw things up."These phrases are signs of tunnel vision, which means there is no real catch game.So how does a man turbineCharging a woman for his appeal?The first thing you have to do is spend a few days (weekends) and think about the life you really want.Then you should think about what the woman you really want is.As you know and date more women, this will change over time, so anything you come up with is not set in stone.I have men through this exercise because people who often think about their goals and write them down are 10 to 25 times more likely to achieve them?This is correct because you become something you are used to thinking about.Once you understand what kind of woman you want, it's time to focus on what you can control.For example, if you are a family member and never go out to meet new people, then you won't be better at getting to know women, which means you won't be able to learn how to become more confident on social occasions.You have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation because it's the only way you really have to learn.Reading books and watching DVDs is a good start, but when does someone learn how to drive by watching videos?You have to drive to learn all the nuances.Think about your weight.Are you too thin?Are you overweight?Before changing your diet and taking part in any form of regular exercise program, you should consult a doctor frequently.What did your hair, shoes, clothes, teeth and normal hygeine say to you?It's important to remember the first impression because the woman you're going to talk to doesn't know you.How many women do you approach every day?Per week?Per month?If you do not approach at least one woman every day to improve your conversation skills, then you are not serious enough to improve your appeal to the opposite sex.It is OK to make mistakes.In fact, the more you do, the better, because it means you will learn faster.If someone like me can do it, you can do it too.I used to be so shy that I was attacked with anxiety!I sweat with my hands and I stutter when I talk to the girl.But my anxiety disappeared over time.I 've learned that most women are actually good if they get a chance.I think I have only had a few women who have been rude to me in the last decade (I can count the example I have ).A quick way to be more attractive to women is to approach them and never ask their phone number.You can talk to them and even say they have "cute nose" or "cute earlobe" (which I often joke about) and tell them you're leaving.Tell yourself that in your first 100 methods, you will not ask anyone for their contact information;Talk about eliminating all the stress on your shoulders!Make sure you don't say anything.I mean, don't ask what kind of work they do or what school they go.At least not yet.In the first 3 to 5 minutes, pretend that you are in the episode of Song Fei biography and chat about what is happening in the entertainment circle.You can also share a mildy interesting story from your life.I have asked women if they like boxers or briefs.I asked women if they thought Lindsay Rohan would return to the rehabilitation center and if they would invest money in the rehabilitation center.I asked them, Nicole or Paris, who will win?These are all interesting ways to start a conversation, and you can talk about more "normal" things once you break the ice.One of the most powerful ways to really attract women is to prove that you have a high social value.I mean, you're a person with a choice.This means that your social, family and professional life is busy.If a woman knows that other women want you, then your social status will rise immediately.That's why I often go out with charming female friends.It's like hunting with explosives.Think about this seriously.If you are a very beautiful woman, what kind of man do you want to go out?Here's your answer.Finally, it's not money or fame that really appeals to women in the long run, it's your character and personality.Personality is supreme in creating a strong attraction.You develop your personality by trying new hobbies, taking classes, meeting new people, and really getting out of the comfort zone.Once you do these things on a consistent basis, you will truly become the "yourself" around women ".A long time ago, when I was nervous and shy about girls at school, I realized that I was not myself.It took years and some hard work, but I will do it again.If you have your own life, women will be attracted to you.
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