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by:Winbridge      2019-10-03
Women love feelings.It's a guarantee that your partner likes to touch her body gently.Women need a longer foreplay than men.First, whisper sweet words in her ears, stroking her whole body, but not in the genital area.Always be sensitive to what she likes and what she wants to hear.
Give her body a wish.
Her body barely touches the skin and your fingertips slide gently.Do this for 4-Not touching her breasts or clit for 5 minutes.Work slowly into her breasts, but don't touch her nipples.
Gently circle around her breast with palms and fingertips.Kiss gently around the breast occasionally, but don't touch her nipples.Touch them underneath and above, but don't touch them.
You have created the desire for you to touch her nipples.You can't give her what she wants.After gently teasing her for a few minutes, touch her nipples.Then continue to gently circle the nipple with your fingers, then gently lick it once or twice next to each nipple, but don't lick it.
You have complete control;She's crazy now.You create excitement and desire in her sexual presence.Don't fondle the genital area until she's ready.
Be patient.
It may take her more than 15 minutes to reach her climax.Most women do not achieve orgasm through regular genital intercourse.After the climax, men usually feel tired.Because of this, it is better to ensure that women reach orgasm in front of men.
After that, she will still be excited and enjoy his climax.Anticipation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to open a woman.Use it.Kiss and touch the inside of her neck, breast, stomach, thigh, one at a time and move to another area.
..Let her keep guessing.
By making her think she's about to get a good blowjob, she's shaking in anticipation.Don't pull her underwear down if she's still wearing it.Use them to drive her crazyPush them aside and lick one or two with your tongue.
Take a moment when you finally slide them down.Your hands are also very important, not only to make sure you reach the sweet spot, but also to add extra spice and irritation to oral sex.Gently lift the skin above the clit with your thumb and stretch the clit a little so your tongue is easier to get to all the right places.
Also tease her vaginal entrance with your index finger.The longer you tease her and yourself, the stronger your two orgasms will be.It's going to drive her crazy.Man is fire, woman is water.The man's fire boiled the woman's water.-You have to approach her clit very carefully-it has more nerve ends than any other part of the human body.
Her entire pelvis is very sensitive to sexual stimulation.Her buttocks, the inside of her thigh, and the outer lip of her vagina are all very sensitive.It means they need to be kissed, touched and licked.
Try licking and kissing anywhere between the thighs to get her excited.Start with a gentle lick or sucking and enter the clit.Start with a relaxed, soft tongue and turn into a stronger, pointed tongue.
Some women like up-and-Vertical lick movement down, others prefer side to side horizontal movement, others still prefer round or pressdown motion.Find out which one your woman likes best, but keep switching.After trying different techniques, ask her which kind of movement feels the best, how fast and how stressful it is.
Now, she trembled with desire.
A little faster.
She will scream, or hold on to it in the scream, she will call your name, or she will scream softly, but you will know that you gave her orgasm.Now keep going.She will now reach her climax again more quickly and does not need to make fun of it.She may have a few more orgasms or only one.
Remember to change your tongue technique so you don't get exhausted, but don't change it often so you break the climax momentum you 've built for her..Keep doing it when you find something that works!If you need to take a break, but don't stop all of a sudden because it can be very frustrating for women.Ask her if she wants you to use your fingers too.
If she says yes, make sure they are wet before you start moving them on her clit or inside her.Perform oral sex in the right way, and your loved one will sobs happily.Remember, practice makes perfect!
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