most powerful amplifier How To Live and Work With Passion (from 'Inspirational Books' - Part One Updated)

by:Winbridge      2019-11-26

(From "inspirational books "-Published freely in electronic or print.This article (with a point and a face) is based on an incentive, upwardPeter L. lift up the inspiring book Life of passionHirsch.I share the content of this excellent work in the spirit of encouraging and even inspiring those who really want to "live with passion and purpose" to read the book...Go for it.We share what we know so that we can all grow.(From inspirational books-The first part) ten simple secrets that guarantee your success the ten secrets of success: "Life can be a difficult into dust;Polish you into a brilliant gem.-John Milton Fogg2.3.4.N. is a monument to the spiritual power of mankind.A passionate desire to achieve your desired goal.The human mind, the power of the human spirit.The human spirit cannot be controlled?-Our belief is one of the few things in life that we can control.Your faith is your destiny.Because our faith determines our actions, and our actions create results.So there's a possible belief."What you believe will always happen.The belief in one thing makes it happen.-Frank Lloyd lightpaskar once said: "Our achievements today are only the sum of our thoughts yesterday.Today you are the place that yesterday's thoughts bring to you, and tomorrow you are the place that today's thoughts bring to you.What kind of person you believe you are, what kind of person you are.-From "The magic of believing" (an excellent book, by the way ).But you think you are "absolutely nothing is impossible ".(Yes, even the internet will bring amazing results one day...Even if you have struggled for many years without success!The power of persistence (and patience!* Power of Choice: belief in creating limits, or belief in empowering.We have countless decisions to make every day.What we do with time, energy and effort.Your choice will determine the direction of your life...So your results.Get your intuition through your imagination.results.They are the reason.Your subconscious mind.your intuition.Our biggest, sad, least-used resource.imagination.There is great power in imagination."Imagination is more important than knowledge," Einstein said.Napoleon believed that human beings were dominated by its imagination."Pascal:" Everything is dominated by imagination;It creates beauty, justice, and happiness, and that is everything in the world.Great minds have other purposes besides wishes.-Goals and values of Washington Irving!and values.Values are the seeds of growth.What makes you tick is values.and desires.Our values areThe life we want;Everything we look for and lookValues are the source of who we think we are.Your goal or mission in lifeThe purpose is (and creates) your vision;This is your well.Inspire your passion.Therefore, goals and enthusiasm are the driving force for all great achievements.The purpose is like a ship without a rudder.You take full responsibility for yourself;Find any excuse, that is the day you started to reach the top.However, you don't have to be famous for living a hero's life.All of this requires a bigger goal than yours.I believe we were born with a purpose.God's plan for our lives is already in their minds.I truly believe that we must discover and follow our destiny.The decision then prompted a person to use it as a job for their entire life.Dreams come true.The purpose of life is to get you up in the morning.The goal of a person's life may be extremely simple.In fact, I think the most powerful thing is!their faces.Help others discover and live their talents, their real potential...Hopefully doing so will inspire others to live their best life (in a fun way ).So in my "own little approach," help build bridges between different cultures around the world, because we really have more in common than our differences --What unites us is more important than what divides us.I really believe it.This is my first value, and a firm belief is my passion = my purpose.But please don't be too serious, man!Ro end off...Those words of inspiration and wisdom have inspired me a lot on the path I have not traveled (especially in the dark days of uncertainty ).I hope that they will do the same for you. in the long river of life, they are often very difficult, but they are always mysterious.Nothing in the world can replace persistence.talent.Genius is not. genius without reward is almost a saying.No education, there are educated people everywhere in the world.Only persistence and determination are omnipotent.-Calvin Coolidge "there is a burning flame deep in our hearts that is the spark of God.In some, it burns bright, in others, it is almost impossible to distinguish;But it always burns...With love and acceptance, the flame becomes brighter and brighter.We can help others ignite this flame by seeing the merits of others, even if they can't see it themselves.-I dream with passion and persistence along my "path that has not come.I WILL UNTIL.(Raise awareness by helping ).Intolerance and hatred of darkness.The flame of love can illuminate the darkest night.Everyone has his own destiny;No matter where it takes him-Henry Miller "The task before you can always be overcome by the power of your heart...Steep with the great spirit within you."Perhaps our greatest benefit is not to gain wealth, to share our material wealth, money and" wealth "with others, but through encouragement and confidence in others, lay a solid foundation for revealing the wealth of your heart.-Change your world, you change the world.Together, let us encourage, influence, ascend, and even inspire the world.
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