most powerful amplifier How You Can Tap Into the Lucrative U.S. Hispanic Market Segment

by:Winbridge      2019-11-24

How would you like to take advantage of sales to enter a largely untapped segment that offers millions of potentially lucrative customers for your business that are easy to target?The segment we recommend is the growing US.S.Spanish market.According to the current U.S.The census shows that Hispanic Americans are now the largest minority in the United States, with nearly 40 million consumers.7 % of the U.S.More than the population of AfricaThe size of the US market since 2002.Between 1990 and 58%, the group grew by 2000 per cent, continuing to increase.Compared to other populations, Hispanics are on average ten years younger, families are larger, almost third, and Hispanics are customers today and tomorrow.U.S.Hispanic, also often referred to as the Latino market in the west and southwest, are a target group, unlike anyone else in the US experience.The difference is that Hispanic people have cultural integration in American life.S.But they did not assimilate like our Irish, Italian, Polish, German, and countless other bears who became Americans by integrating into the famous "melting pot.The key to this difference is Spanish.Many research companies, such as the Roslow survey, show two consistentAll Americans in their thirtiesS.Hispanic people prefer to communicate at home and at work, even if they speak both languages.There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the main reason is the economic development of the United States.S.The Hispanic media infrastructure, which has never been enjoyed by other races.Hispanics have the ability to find Spanish-language news, entertainment and information on numerous national television stations such as Univision and Telemundo to help Latin Americans prosper in American lifeS.In addition, other emerging SpanishAmerican language mediaS.More than 600 Spanish includedLanguage radio stations, national magazines, major metropolitan newspapers and the Internet.These media have strengthened the Spanish culture shared by all Latinos in Spain, while providing Latinos with links to each other and their respective home countries.When it comes to countries of origin, the most common thing is Mexico, just around the United States.S.The borders, so close, that the bonds that are combined together will not be broken by the separation of the sea as the immigrants who come through Ellis Island.So these AmericanS.Hispanic consumers come from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Argentina or Mexico, and they are also realizing the American dream while keeping in touch with their families and friends.What does all this mean for American businesses?S.?Look around.In major markets across the country, the construction and service industries, which are critical to the success of many sales, are working with Latinos.In the booming construction industry alone, the National Association of Home Builders estimates that Hispanic immigrants fill half of the labor gap.That’s not all.Next to women-All new business with the highest startup rateUps is one of the Hispanic Americans.If you operate in one of the ten major urban areas where 75% Latinos live, there is no way to avoid Hispanic people being either part of your client or should be, if you want to continue to succeed in the years to come.Even in more rural areas, the growth of the Hispanic population is evident.In fact, Hispanic commercial magazines are published at the fastest speed every year.Growing Hispanic businesses in the United StatesS.No matter what business you do, it looks like a perfect exploration list.From residential builders, air-conditioning contractors to road construction, cleaning and maintenance companies, to financial and telecom suppliers, Hispanic businesses are making strong progress towards all aspects of business and industry.So how do you translate this recommended target segment into a strategy to sell more products and provide more services to Hispanic customers?To get an idea of Hispanic buyers, you just need to recall the day when the first members of your family landed on their new land as immigrants.Your ancestors know little or nothing about American culture, and they suffer from a broken family relationship, a lack of familiar social infrastructure, and a lack of awareness of resources.The most daunting thing is that they may not speak English.If they want to enter American society, they must reach out.You can be sure that they are all seeking some level of respect and acceptance in their new country.They are working to improve their way of life and they want to support their families in an environment that promotes equality and emphasizes the value of education.Similarly, the most basic principle of doing business with Hispanic Americans is to empathize with their situation.Recognize that in order to gain a large share of their business, you must treat them with dignity and respect and talk to them.Also recognize that your potential Latino customers are in a land and culture that is not completely comfortable for them.But accept the fact that, unlike previous groups of immigrants, Hispanic AmericansS.Can operate in Spanish as comfortable as returning to the motherland.In other words, you have to contact them or they will do business with those who do business.How to build Hispanic sales with five1.Get their attention in proximity by reaching Latinos in Spanish.It doesn't need to be heavy-Language course of duty.On the contrary, simple phrases and everyday language will be greatly appreciated, they show your interest and signage in Spanish also show your interest and welcome them to join your business.A simple phrase like "Buenos días.Que puedo ayudarle, ayudarle?"Good Morning ."What can I do for you?) Enough to make the most basic connection.These phrases can relax Spanish.When you build personal trust and credibility in their hearts, say what buyers say and help them see them in a friendly environment.Better yet, if you already have Hispanic employees in your staff, why not use them as an integral part of the buying experience your company offers for Hispanic people?You will make a profit on two levels.First of all, you will inject vitality into your SpanishExpress their opinions by letting employees know their value to your business and empowering them in ways they may not have before.Also, Hispanic clients will immediately recognize the value you have for their business as you have SpanishSales assistant.2.In the interest steps, the commitment of the Hispanic prospect to participate in the dialogue was obtained.Ask some clarification questions like, "What the hell are you looking?Or "What do you need ?"Or can we do something for you?"These are important questions to build on the connections you 've built before, and also key questions about how you can help them.3.Now, explain how a product or service meets their needs.Presentations must be delivered so that Hispanic buyers understand what you have shown them and how their needs will be met.You have to make sure that the gap is narrowed in any sense, especially since Hispanic people may lack the same level of English.This is in Spain.Language or bilingual sales literature is very useful.Finally, listen intently and ask if you can retell what you just heard, because it is essential to gain understanding --This is true for you and the speaker of Hispanic descent.It can also eliminate or reduce confusion while clearly demonstrating your personal respect for your customers.4.In the protocol steps, you ask the question: "Does this product or service look like it will be done?If they say yes, let them know that you will now create an agreement for a product or service.If they seem hesitant or "no", ask them to explain their thoughts further to you.In any case, treat customers with compassion, patience and respect while avoiding frustrating ways of communication.Whatever the buyer's native language is, your role is to make them comfortable with you and willing to engage with you in a positive way.5.As we all know, a satisfied customer will become a repeat customer at some point in time.If another Hispanic asks a satisfied Hispanic, they can meet similar needs that you can meet, and they will definitely recommend you.Please remember that Hispanic depends on the word-of-Family and friends have far more advice than average market customers.Their recommendation means that you are the first (most likely) sole source they will be looking for the product or service.Keep in mind that the cheapest form of advertising is word-of-The best source of clues is someone who knows you.These are the most powerful reasons for people to buy.Without them, you may spend time, money and energy building a market you can use without excessive promotions.Can you come up with a better way to build market share than to ensure that Hispanic people are happy and positive buying experiences?Everything is important in the customer experience.This means that from the perspective of greetings and introductions, your sincere interest in potential Hispanic customers, all the way to satisfaction.The so-called "contact" or interaction allows buyers to experience positive or negative.This is even more important in the Hispanic segment where you are trying to gain a foothold.Keep in mind the general fact that selling a new customer is 80% longer than an existing customer.If part of your company's strategy is to attract and retain Hispanic customers, then each experience, regardless of size, will either help to achieve this goal or weaken it.Buyers with any of your experiences will decide how many people they tell-in this case they are a member of their Latino community.a.b.c.Intensive words-of-Verbal advertising with incentives to entice your Latino customers to spread information about you in their friends and in the same business.Believe it or not, this also often leads to an increase in sales in the general market!4) consider guiding a portion of your advertising and promotional funds in order to work harder for you in Hispanic descent.How much it will cost will depend on the potential size of your market, however, Roslow Research's findings amplify any investment in Hispanic advertising, that is, Hispanic people are more likely to be persuaded by Spanish-language communication than British people by 60%.5) find experienced consultants to help you reduce your costsEffectively accelerate your success in Hispanic sales and marketing.Cultural diversity is a growing fact in the United world.Therefore, be proactive to employees.Insist on treating every customer with dignity and respect.Spending time at company staff meetings reinforces the notion that being polite and listening patiently is the key to improving the business.Point out to your staff that successful communication is and has always been the key to improving sales.Poor communication means losing sales.These facts apply not only to the customer base you have today, but also to the additional customer base you want to attract in the growing Spanish market.
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