most powerful amplifier Imagine This!

by:Winbridge      2019-12-03

I will share with you one of the most powerful secrets ever heard about stress management, pushing you forward, changing bad habits, doing more and improving your skills.Elite athletes know.People in successful businesses know this.In fact, every successful person I 've ever met practices this in some way, shape, or form.I mean visualization here.In sports, a good basketball player will stop and imagine the footage before they actually finish.Or a high jumper imagined himself sailing slowly over the bar before actually running.In my own case, I remember thinking about my breakthrough not long ago when I was doing advanced scuba diving classes.There is a small problem with my sinus, which makes it difficult for me to balance when I drop.We are preparing to dive 30 metres around a shipwreck.This is the deepest time I have ever been.I'm a little worried about the depth, visibility, and averaging of the drop (as this has become a common problem for me ).My coach suggested that I take a moment to imagine.I did do this and made a major breakthrough.I'm not in a hurry at all.I am peaceful, calm and powerful.Diving went smoothly;-I won't be a problem at all.It's exciting to make it so smooth.I'm inspired now.Since then, I have used this technology again and again in many areas.It doesn't work properly every time, but there has been a lot of improvement in how I did it.This technology can be used for anything you worry about, or things that need to improve your attention and accuracy.A friend with cancer imagined pac man's bad cell eater eating cancer cells, and in a few weeks everything was clear.What is one thing you worry about or need to improve your attention in your own life.Take a few minutes now and imagine it done.Into all your senses.What does it look like?What is this feeling?There may even be smells associated with it.Most importantly, how does it feel in that area?What is this sense of accomplishment?Do it now.It needs practice, but it's worth it.Let me know how you got there.
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