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by:Winbridge      2019-12-02

Return on investment-More famous is ROI-Key business indicators.Businesses survive or die based on their return on investment.Business investors naturally ask to know the expected return on investment for each investment in order to decide whether to put their money on the table.The best case scenario is that ROI is always an estimate of some type-A prediction, a vote, a form.Regardless of the estimation method used, the goal is to reduce risk and ensure that each investment has a healthy return on investment, so as to keep the business profitable.Returns on investment are usually used to assess investments in technology, capital improvements, equipment and facilities.However, when companies are proud to label their most valuable assets as "their people, have you ever heard of anyone of them bragging about their recent investment in employees getting a huge return on investment?!Why not businesses invest their employees with the same enthusiasm and financial review as when investing in new equipment?Here are some of the reasoning I have heard: People we train may leave the company.We are too busy.Time is not right.We don't have tons of money.I have invested before but have no return.Let's delve into each reason (or excuse): they may leave the company.If you are worried that the employees will leave and receive their valuable training, establish an agreement for them to stay after the training for a while, and if they do leave before that time, they will pay back part of their tuition fees, which are prorated.Or, knowing that you helped someone grow, it's time for them to move on.We are too busy.This is a tired excuse for not setting priorities and investing in long-term investmentsThe company's long-term success ignores the most powerful employee retention tool you have.The money spent on improving staff efficiency will reduce busyness, increase productivity, and make employees who stay longer in the company happier.Time is not right.Frankly, the timing is never right!There is always a reason why the timing is wrong.Driving investment in the field, taking action requires courage and a little bit of risk, and knowing that your employees will bring more value than you invest in their development.We don't have tons of money.Ah, my favorite!If I ask you to give me $1,000, I promise you that I will give you $4,000 in a year, will you give me cash?You will for sure!Everyone I work for experiences this return on investment for themselves and their company.In fact, if you can find my investment of this type, I will go and lend you $10,000!I have invested before but have no return.Are you right?Many training programs do not work.There are many buyers who are very stingy with money and buy low quality training products.There are a lot of coaches who know that the training programs they sell don't work.Find a trusted provider with a personnel development processterm results.Don't believe their words.Ask for verifiable data from the past five years to prove what they are saying is true.Did I get the data?You better believe it!The bottom line is that your people are your most valuable asset.If your business is to succeed, your most valuable asset must be the highest possible performance.Find an effective, high return on investment process and strive to achieve it!
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