most powerful amplifier Motivation --The Two Key Ingredients

by:Winbridge      2019-11-22
How do you motivate yourself to do what you should?How do you motivate yourself to do what you want?Motivation is one of the most popular areas of self-improvement.
Inspiring speakers are known for their ability to make you feel great.But if you were like me, that excitement would go away after a while.So what do you do?Many of the incentive plans are the "ten-step formula" or other recipe-like structures that make success sound simple and easy.The problem is that they are based on things that work for others, but they don't work for you!Why else would you read this article?If the motivational formula is valid, there won't be so many books, seminars and articles on the subject.Only when motivational plans align you with your inner desires that you want will they work.The problem is, there is no formula for this!Take Biff biifferson as an example.Biff made millions of dollars in his widget marketing business.He wrote down every step until the last detail.He is also very excited to teach you how to do it, so he created a workshop explaining everything you need to do to replicate his success.But when only a few people can do it and others fail, Biff is really confused.Biff believes that there is some magic in his action steps and does not understand that you can succeed only if your personal creation process is consistent with these actions.Biff does not understand that he cannot teach you the personal thoughts and intentions that lead to his success.He can only teach you the actions he takes based on this personal agreement.That's why you haven't succeeded yet.At Biff's marketing workshop, there may be some viewers who think like Biff;His program will be easy for them as they are already aligned with it.But what about the others?They will fail. it's so simple.This is just common sense!No matter how good the project is, if what you want to do is not appropriate for you, then you will not do it.Either so, or you will try to get through and try to force it.But it's like trying to put a square nail in a round hole.I said it by experience.I used to think I was just stupid: why can't I get the results that others get?Until I realized that I was dealing with the problem to the point.The same is true of selfImprove books and workshops.Eckhart Toller discovered the Enlightenment, but how many of the people who have read his books have done so?How many people who have read "thinking and getting rich" get rich?I have never read that book myself, but I know some very poor people.
Like me, you may have tried a lot of yourselfImproved or successful projects, but they don't work as well as you think.They didn't work because they were all missing a key element.The missing element is your personal identification with it.No one can teach you!But you can learn to teach yourself!This is an exciting news.
The truth is that no one but you can know what's going on in your head.No one knows your likes and dislikes better than you.So the solution is the state necessary for you to build your own personal success.Guess what?This is what all the personal trainers, mentors, incentive programs, and inspiration speakers are doing!This is the big secret of success!If you do not conform to the formula for the success of Biff (or anyone else), what are the benefits of studying it?The answer is, it's not good for you at all.
That's why people spend a lot of money and time looking for special projects, books or seminars related to them.
Key #1: Find a desire to ignite you.
Key #2: align your thoughts and actions with this wish.The first is the most important key.Guys, if you don't have that desire, that passion, forget it!You don't have enough motivation to create what people want!Or are interested in completing the project with the motivation, desire and energy needed to bring the project to the world.The key to success in anything is to do it with passion and joy, because these emotions connect you to everyone on Earth on the most basic level.Passion, joy, excitement and happiness are you!When you are excited about your project, others will also be excited.It doesn't matter what you are doing.This is a good way to infect.I remember seeing a jazz and blues concert in 1972.An old man with hoarse voice and guitar tune took to the stage and began to sing.The guy sounded terrible at first-he missed every note, didn't play well, and the sound trembled.But the crowd of thousands shut up almost immediately and began to listen.
Know why?
Because the cat put his heart and soul into the show.Why can he do that?Because he is connected to his passion, let everyone see it.
You can hear the pin drop within 5 minutes of the old man coming on stage.This is the effect of passion and desire on you.That's why successful people always say, "I like what I do!
Key #1: Find a desire to illuminate you in your heart.
Key #2: align your thoughts and actions with this wish.
That’s it.Is it too simple for you?
Do you need to be more complicated than that?
If you do, the road to success will be even longer and bumpy.
The first element is the key.You must find the desire within you to illuminate you.Not the desire of others.If you look at those who succeed, and even those who dedicate their lives to others like Mother Teresa, you will find that their motives come from the heart.Even the most selfless person will help others because they feel good inside.This is not selfish;On the contrary.All motivation comes from revealing desire, which opens up the creative energy of the universe for you.This is the energy that keeps the Earth in orbit and lets the sun shine.This is the most powerful thing in the universe.That's who you are!
All successful people discover their inner desires and align their thoughts and actions with them.This is your job.Your job is to perform these two simple steps.There is no recipe or recipe to tell you how to do it.Now you have at least one plan.Now, when you talk to your mentor, you can direct him or her to guide you in the right direction.Now, when you read these self-help books or attend these workshops, you will know where you are going.
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