most powerful amplifier Motivation vs Inspiration

by:Winbridge      2019-11-22
"My doctor said I needed to lose weight."My boss said I need to be more motivated at work."I know I should clean the garage, but I don't like it.Sounds familiar?If we can inspire ourselves to do what we need to do!Life would be much easier, wouldn't it?The whole industry exists around the theme of motivation.The problem is that there are so many books, workshops and videos out there!How do you know which one suits you best?If there is a technology or formula that really works, we don't need these things!There must be some fundamental flaws in the existing incentive procedures.Fear is used by governments, religions and authorities to inspire people.This works for a period of time, because when people feel scared, their bio-"fight or fly" mechanism starts and adrenaline surges.The threat of personal punishment is often temporary in order to keep people awake and narrow.But like an energy drink full of sugar and caffeine, this high content will always go away.People will eventually understand that sticking to the bottom line is not more important than maintaining the integrity and dignity of the individual.Personal Change determination from someone else about what is right or good idea-like losing weight (doctor), or doing better at work (boss) or cleaning the garage (wife is nagging you all the time) also failed.
But what happens if you are motivated to do these things?Maybe you want to lose weight because you have a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes you can no longer wear.You will feel great thinking of seeing your new image in the mirror.Maybe you want to do better at work because you want to remodel the kitchen and you need an extra $30,000 this year.The thought of your new kitchen will leave you excited to improve your performance and open the door for a new executive position.For something more common, like a clean garage, you have to open the trash from the top of the mower every time you want to cut the grass.Really, it's also hard to find your toolbox.It's easy to get what you need with a clean space, isn't that great?There are millions of ways to get inspiration, and all of them may be different for everyone.Incentive Technology, however, is a sales job where sales pitch comes from other people.Sometimes you can convince yourself to stick to it for a while, but in the end you just tell the salesperson to stop and walk away!There is a subtle but significant difference between motivation and inspiration.You need to be motivated to do what you feel you should.Usually these tasks are decided by yourself.However, inspiration is a completely different animal.Inspiration comes entirely from within, and it connects you with the universe and your high-self creative energy.Motivation is the source of countless New Year's resolutions (and those at other times of the year) that have never been considered fruitful.Inspiration is the source of passion and success.Inspire people to change the world.Motivated people work hard and fail in the end.
Sometimes motivation can become inspiration!This happens when you find a reason to be excited about what you are doing.You will soar when this happens.What is the solution?Don't motivate yourself!Throw away inspirational speeches and books.If your life doesn't go the way you want it, sit down and ask yourself what you really want.Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.When you do this consciously, you will find that there are many bad reasons for doing things you don't like, and there are many good reasons for doing things you like.The next step is to do more things you like and do less things you don't like!
Or find a better reason to do what you have to do (like work.From my personal experience, I can tell you that if you find a few minutes a day to do what you like, your life will change.You will soon find that these minutes are the most powerful and enjoyable of your day.It is worth noting that you have more time in the day to do these things without wasting your time or feeling stressed on other obligations.Try it and see!
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