most powerful amplifier Positive Thinking, Life Energy, and Your Health

by:Winbridge      2019-11-28
Dr.John Diamond is a pioneer in holistic medicine.He developed life-energy analysis in 1970s (originally referred to as behavioral ergonomics ).Diamond discovered the connection between the body's meridians and emotions, and his work included extensive therapeutic research on alternative methods to improve and maintain life energy.In his book, your body is not lying, and Diamond asserts, "all diseases begin with a reduction in the energy of life."If this decline continues, some organs of the body will be the target of the disease," he said."Diamond claims that about 95% of the average population tested lower in the life energy range."Weak muscles indicate an imbalance in the energy of the organs associated with the muscles," through proper acupuncture and meridians.Why is it so important in the chest?Because it is the controller of the body's energy flow, the first body organ affected by stress, and the first "energy level affected by emotional state "."Diamond said that when a person puts his tongue on the top of his mouth, the tip at the back of the upper door [heart-setting button] will increase their life energy by an hour.Another technique to enhance our chest thymus is your homing mindYou often come back with an enhanced thought or image.Since 95% of diamond-tested people have inactive thyroid glands, what exactly does this mean for them?In Diamond's words: "This means that most of us are involved in too much unhappiness and hatred --In the case of pleasure and love, it is almost not enough to provoke the situation.There are too many problems lying on the beach.We hate too many people.There are not enough people we love."Negativity always seems to lead to a reduction in the energy of our lives."The most powerful gesture of love is to embrace with open arms," and to be sure, "I extend my hand with love."Smile the muscles, the specialty of the Scorpion with the chest.Diamond wrote: "If we can't smile easily and happily, we lack an important mechanism to continuously activate the thyroid gland, thus improving our body."Somehow, the life energy of a" strong "person is weakened by his personal contact with a weak person," Diamond said ."."... A particular imbalance can be transferred from one person to another."From a bright point of view, this is an interesting statement, and Diamond claims that most doctors and therapists he tested" who are caring and compassionate practitioners of the art of healing "suffer from less activeHe added: "life energy should be a consideration when we choose friends and colleagues.And, of course, our husband and wife."When our life energy is high, it will benefit others to have close contact with us.Diamond believes that the "reciprocal thymus relationship" is the basis of all ethical behaviors."Is the sound therapeutic or non-therapeutic?Also treated."If your voice is therapeutic, you will boost each other's life energy in some way," rebalances their energy system and corrects their inactive thyroid gland."Find someone whose Thymus is testing weak and say to him or her, 'I love you.Then their Thymus will be strong.When the speaker has an active Thymus, it shows that their stress mode is low and their voice "fixes" the Thymus of the other person.In today's society, we are so vulnerable to the energy of each other's lives."Negative or positive emotional states can spread from their main sources to communities and even countries," television is of course a form of low-energy suggestive.We have to wonder how often do we receive an emotional infection that happens without realizing that we have been exposed to it?"Every violent act on television, about a thousand times a week, weakens our thyroid and life energy," Diamond said ."."In a day of severe injury or sudden illness, millions of lymphocytes are destroyed and the thyroid gland is reduced to half the size," Diamond observed .".Our bodies know what they need and what they need!"Let your object think about the person he hates.The Thymus gland is weak.Now, the man he loves.In an instant, the glands will test strong!Dr. test.Diamonds are a lot of ways to do it.Diamond likes to use what he calls "indicating muscles" to determine whether a particular thought or image in a person's mind is weakening or enhancing their life energy.Why do so many music conductors live long?"So, a conductor is vigorously replenishing certain energy systems through his daily gestures, while he is also overwhelmed by the healing power of music.However, how does rock music work?"I find that listening to rock music often causes all the muscles of the body to become weak.In adult men, the normal pressure required to overcome the powerful deltoid muscle is about 45-pounds.Only 10-when playing rock music-Need 15 pounds.It seems that the body is spinning, "there seems to be a waltz-like beating in the main arteries of the limbs."Unless the subject is" switched ", sugar will make all the indicator muscles weak, in which case he or she will actually have a positive test of the sugar and a weak test of the beneficial foodAlmost everyone is testing weak on note C and the reason is not clear.When our life energy is high, our bodies are better at knowing which foods are good for the body and which foods are bad for the body than biochemists.The extract of Thymus, Propolis or propolis will also increase the life energy of people.Diamond said more than 90% of his patients were tested for weakness with beef, wheat and dairy products.Drooping shoulders, your chest will also become weak thymus.The metal folding chair will "change" us because it is metal that passes through the middle line.Those soft and comfortable chairs are also lowering the energy of our lives, just like our legs or feet.Car seats "switch" US, which is why a piece of plastic or plywood is recommended under our seats.Lift the heel, or occasionally lift the toe of the shoe until the indicator muscle test is strong.Swimming is a good posture therapy, says Diamond."If you float on your back, your posture will be corrected automatically, because you will not be subjected to different pulling forces of gravity."Diamond recommends a horizontal location in Alexandria."Kneel down and put your feet flat on the floor, with the outside of your thigh parallel to your hips.Put some books under your head so your spine and neck are aligned."He suggested practicing the position every day.There are a lot of techniques to improve thyroid activity and improve our life energy.Here's a list of some diamonds: tap your thyroid three or four times a day to activate it and reduce the impact of stress.Take a break often, recite one or two poems, or take a picture of landscape painting while taking a chest to minimize the stress pattern of the brain hemisphere.While using Alexander's horizontal position, listen to the revitalization music.Listen to the birds singing and running water.Take a bath when standing tall.Develop a homing thought [or scene] in your imagination that you keep coming back to help you stay Central.Keep the tongue in the center.Smile as much as possible to correct any imbalance in the body's energy system.Think and walk high.Stick to positive ideas such as love, faith, trust, gratitude and courage.Diamond wrote: "If you use these techniques a lot, you will increase the energy of your life instead of consuming it.You will be able to collect the best from a given situation or environment, rather than being dominated by its negative aspects.You will be able to make changes in your daily life, which will lead you to the practice of primary prevention.
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