most powerful amplifier Protect Your Energies From Energy Vampires

by:Winbridge      2019-11-25

When you start to lift your energy vibration, protect your energy and you become more sensitive to the negative energy around you, you often find yourself taking on the negative energy of others or your surroundings.Do you really feel confident and confident to conquer the world?Then you come into contact with a miserable person who is disappointed with himself and dragging himself almost every minute.Have you noticed that you will also feel depressed and depressed soon after, and your optimism is gone?You 've just been exposed to an energy vampire who literally sucks your positive energy away.Beware of bad luck-Dreamer and dreamThe thief can say hundreds of reasons why your plan is doomed to failure.If you allow itAs we work more and more with energy, it is essential to learn to protect our positive energy.Most negative people do not realize that they are consuming energy from others, however, there are also people who deliberately flow negative energy to others with a view to hurting or destroying their balance in some way.You can use some very simple techniques to protect yourself and the people you love.Most involve visualization, and some involve the use of crystals, colors, and mirrors.1.Angel or universe as protectorIn any case, you can call on your angel to protect you or your property.I always use this when I leave my car or go on vacation.I think of the angel as a policeman, guarding my property with a big baton and rotwina.WHITE LIGHT-Imagine yourself wrapped in a big white bubble.Imagine it's around you, including around your feet and head, watching it stretch for about 3-4 feet (1-1.5 m) surpass yourself.One change in this is to imagine a white cross.Draw it with your handFrom top to bottom, left to right, then go around yourself like a spiral or whirlpool.You can then be green around yourself for treatment and then purple at the top for extra protection 3.What is more powerful is the bubble of the golden light, because it allows love and good things to enter your energy field and convert negative energy back to positive energy and return it to the sender as positive energy.4.Imagine yourself wearing a dark blue cloak.It's all around you and down to the floor.5.You can imagine a shield around you.I imagine my music rising or falling from Thunderbird, so you are inside and you are protected from any negative effects.However, you can still get in touch with people and will not be closed to them.You just don't take any negative energy from them.6.Crystals-If you work on your computer, set up a piece of quartz on your computer.It absorbs a lot of negative energy.7.One of the most powerful crystal shields is a dark brown stone called "Tiger Eyes.It has a long history of protection and can be traced back to ancient times.You can carry it with you or imagine it as another layer of protection around you.If you use crystals, it is important to clean them first, preferably in salt water, let them dry in natural light, then charge them as you wish, what do you want them to do for youWhether it's treatment or protection.These are just a few ways to protect your energy.If you work hard to become positive and protect your energy in the flow, don't let others pull you down.©Amanda Goldstone 4 is copyrighted.www.Life in dreams.
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