most powerful amplifier Recognizing Your Children's Needs

by:Winbridge      2019-11-29
Due to the emotional process that parents themselves are going through, raising children through the divorce process can become more challenging for parents.At this critical moment, parental support may be the most powerful buff gained from severe stress at a time when the child usually feels rejected, abandoned and injured.During this stressful period, parents may be overwhelmed by their own pressure and emotions;However, it is essential for parents to recognize the needs of their children.It is important for parents to help their children understand that loss is a loss of current family structure.The role of parents will continue after the family structure changes.The duration of children's difficulties is usually consistent with the turmoil in the family.Problems begin to subside as parents regain their emotional stability and are able to provide more nurturing and support.It is essential that parents recognize the continuing role of parents before, during and after the termination of their marriage.In general, if there is problematic behavior, it may last for at least 18 months after separation.This process is easier for children who adapt well before divorce.Avoid conflicts with former spouses as much as possible.The ongoing conflict between parents is the most harmful aspect of divorce and the most harmful aspect for children.
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