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by:Winbridge      2019-11-19
You might ask yourself, "What does 10 degrees black belt know about business?"In His creatures, the answer becomes obvious: Dr.Not only is Stan Harris a 10 degree black belt (which in itself requires a lot of discipline and work to achieve), he is also the defending champion of the karate world rating system, a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, A member of the inspirational speaker Hall of Fame.GetMotivation.Com, author, strong speaker, very successful entrepreneur!He spoke in 50 states and 19 countries.If you would like to learn more about the success of dynamo, you can visit his website on or www.DrStanHarris.Dr. Stein is a breakthrough expert who uses motivation, inspiration, imagination, education and entertainment to help his audience "break through" to the next level.If you read and apply the article, you will definitely break through to the next level --Let's start now!
Towards the ultimate path of prosperity in any area of life!I just succeeded in defending the martial arts title in the Harrisburg battle in July 3, 2005."I won my first championship 20 years ago, and now a 36-year-old black belt friend of mine asked me a question, \" how do you stay fresh after these years?Well, it's not a gift, as most people in the world pursue, it's a secret weapon, and most people forget what is called self-discipline or good character!My dojo (place of practice) has a motto, "we forge our bodies on the flame of will."Essentially, our minds let our bodies do what we want, and vice versa.Every great athlete understands this, and the winners practice tirelessly!They force themselves to do what they don't like to do, the body says "enough" and the pain says "quit now, I will stop, and the will says," No!"Diamonds are just big pieces of coal that respond appropriately to discipline!My eldest son Joshua recently graduated from the Navy boot camp with excellent results, and my lovely daughter Christina is working on a PhD, which impressed me, something I never thought of before.Without exception, I personally know who has achieved some kind of success, or is in line with some type or level of success, and everyone has a background in a certain discipline.Let me explain that they either do sports or they are in the army or they are trained in martial arts that we call discipline.When I meet a serious martial artist, I don't ask them what style they are, but what discipline they practice!Conquer yourself!A great old speaker said: "The greatest of all victories is the conquest of yourself."My good friend Les Brown (I shared this platform with him) said he often asked his audience how many of you knew you could do more, or, if you have more self-discipline, although some people will bow their heads, each hand usually goes up.Solomon, the smartest man in the world, said that the angry slow man is better than the powerful one, and the man who rules his spirit is better than the one who occupies the city!In other words, self-disciplined people are stronger than the greatest generals who can't control their passions!You see, habits are usually too small to be noticed until they are too big to overcome, however, a person dedicated to self-discipline kills bad habits in the bud before they grow"You have to be willing to pay for your dreams with self-discipline so you don't have to live in a nightmare of regret.\" Dr.S.There is a root cause of HarrisEvery's failure or problem, and you can see that almost every failure, or problem is essentially a self-discipline problem!The only reason to stop me from doing more is my own lack of self-discipline.We are not born winners or losers, but people who choose to win through self-discipline!Enemy, in-a-me!Did you receive it?No one can stop you except you.The African proverb says that if there is no enemy inside, you will not be hurt without an enemy."Don't play the blame game!Take responsibility and be a real man/woman and be honest with yourself is OK.Don't look at the fruit again. check the root.Stop looking at the symptoms and see the root cause!Overweight (with a few exceptions), many problems such as physical, social, marriage, relationships, business, financial issues, etc.It can be traced back to the lack of discipline in some areas.As children, we mistakenly believe that maturity grows with age, but I tell young people, "beard and muscles don't mature men."Young ladies," the hips and curves do not make this woman."Maturity is when you get to what you do yourself (not necessarily age), someone once told you what to do.When you do it yourselfDiscipline) what the boss once asked you to do.When you go from the undisciplined baby stage (no control over self or ability), through the disciplined teen stage (with the ability to do what you tell) to the self-disciplined adult stage.I 've been telling young people that you're easy now and all you have to do is tell you, but one day you have to tell yourself what to do, then track the past without any external help!There is a lack of discipline in our country, and there is a major problem for our men, women and young people --Lack of self-discipline!Successful people discipline what they do every day, and ordinary people just do it occasionally!If the network doesn't work for you, you need to work on you!When I started working in the powerful industry of online marketing.My company pay scale (my annual income, being my monthly income) is at the top of the list, and I got the company Bonus Car (black Lincoln Navigator) and a lot of free cruises and rewards.I was asked a question: "How did you do it?"For the first time I admit that I have not done so, God has given me wisdom, strength, etc.However, this is also because I recruited a disciplined team and therefore very influential people.I want you to understand that never forget it in any case, "we may not have it entirely, but together we have everything.\ "(Unknown to the author) you need a good team to succeed in this industry (T = together, E = each team, a = complete, M = more ).My secret, I surround myself with a disciplined team and therefore very influential people!Don't deceive yourself. if you can't influence yourself, you can't listen to yourself, you can't restrain yourself, how can you expect to influence others successfully?That's why my friend Jim Ron (I shared the platform with him and his mentor Bill Bailey and made a personal trip) said, \ "if you work in your business, you can make some money, and you can make a lot of money if you work in your own business.\ "The most powerful system (S = Save, Y = you, S = Self, T = Time, E = Energy, M = Money) distribution of goods and services that people want and need can be found in good online marketing companies.If the network doesn't work for you, you need to work on you!(Please contact my article and CD on when the network is not working) the problem has always been that people get excited, started, rejected, and finally give up, or just paddle with a dog in the case of a shallow income, rather than head into the deep water area, high-income swimming.
Training, etc.(Empty your wallet and your mind will fill your wallet --B.Franklin) above all, achieving what you 've learned, success is inevitable, and you'll end up traveling around the world's beaches the way you deserve it!Successful silver bullet if you are looking for a successful silver bullethere it is-Every great soldier, athlete, politician, actor, priest, speaker, network marketer, etc.The reason for this is because behind the scenes, they sow the seeds of self-discipline and harvest the harvest of success!Self-Respect is the fruit of selfdiscipline;Your dignity grows with the ability to say no to your passion.Abraham Lincoln said Best, "I will be ready and my time will come."The more self-discipline you are, the luckier you will be!Learn to let yourself do things that others will not do, and you will soon have things that others will not do!(Wow, that's good, look again) learn to let yourself do what others won't do, and you will soon get what others won't do!Like your business, this is the beginning to stop most people, don't let the start, stop you, start right away!We don't need to learn anything else and you don't need a new way to recruit.All we need to do is practice what we already know!I know you'll start trying to become more self-disciplined, as my friend Zig said (I 've spoken to him already) and I'll be at the top or from the top (my explanation) the choice depends on you, but for those who implement what you just read, I know I'll see you at the top --Because you rock!
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