most powerful amplifier Self-Health Methods -- An Overivew: Part II

by:Winbridge      2019-11-25

SELF-Health methods-Overview: in the first part of these two articles, we note that there has been a high level of interest in the "self" over the past decadeThere are many reasons for the technology and method of health: "modern" Medicine has lost its individuality...Its drugs usually have more side effects than benefits...The cost is too high...We also admit that, by contrast, the selfHealth methods and techniques are usually free or almost free.They are easy to learn and apply.The "right" approach brings rapid mitigation and long-termThe term treatment is good, while the "wrong" approach is small (if any) to the injury ).Every disease or diseaseTreats provides insight and growth for his/her nature as a person.Among the many selves1.A person who relies on spiritual or spiritual activities...2.Need to use the mouth to take substances...3.A person who relies on one or more physical senses.g.Vision, smell, etc.) ...4.Need to use touch.The third of the four self-healing methodsApplication is mental manipulation.There are many ways to heal yourself with the heart.Perhaps the most powerful of them is the heart.felt prayer --The act of putting one's own sickness and suffering into the hands of a higher power (or just praying for God's healing.Prayer --Especially when combined with other more direct self-useHealth technology-Perhaps the most effective, but one of the most subtle technologies known to human beings.The power of prayer can never be ignored...At least if one really wants to be healthy.Usually, prayer alone is a necessary condition for creating the self.healing.And a few others.Dependency methods that have been used since ancient times.One of them is meditation.Another is visualization;The third is hypnosis.The latter --hypnosis --Best as a selfTreatment of patients after their first visitPost by professional hypnotist-Suggestion of hypnosisLater, the patient himselfInduce the state of "hype"Relax "and repeat a message or suggestion to yourself to achieve the goals or health benefits he wants.This is one of the most direct and useful ways to use hypnosis, although there are other ways.On the other hand meditation don't need to pre-Programming, although it can help and deepen by constantly repeating spells or specific sounds, which helps create hypnosislike trance.Meditation --The act of sitting on yourselfObserve (but no selfjudgement) --Help heal on a more subtle and less direct basis: it greatly reduces stress and tension, which is related to 80% of disease and suffering.Self when pressure is reducedTreatment often follows.Another technology.-Called bio-feedback-It's a Western version of meditation.Patients trained themselves to produce alpha brain using an electrical skin response (GSR) measurement mechanismwaves --The same "mental state" gradually achieved in meditation "---By learning to mentally reduce moisture on the skin (there is a close correlation between slippery skin and low moistureQuality, brain waves with pressure ).Later, when the patient felt nervous, he induced highQuality \ "AlphaStatus, "learn to identify" feelings "from his bio-feedback training ".Before entering category 4, I would like to briefly discuss the very strong spiritual self.Visual treatment.If meditation is a passive technique, visualization is its active counterpart.In meditation, we sit there and allow the mind to do what it wants without being emotionally involved in the process.We watch ...we listen ...But we are still independent observers of the activities that take place in our minds.However, through visualization, we take positive steps and "imagine" what we want to happen.If we want to heal a particular organ, we think it is like this in the eyes of the brain.If we wish to ease the pain, we might think of it as just a fire point and then imagine it as a grain of dust that might blow away in the draft.Visualization is very powerful and in-depth.To achieve technology, so should be used with caution.Our fourth and last class of self.The most subtle way to be healthy-Maybe the least used.-of self-Apply therapy.These are the methods applied to the senses: smell...breath ...eyesight...Aromatherapy combines the use of nostrils and specific scents to stimulate the selfhealing.Each odor has --Through the lungs--It has more or less effect on at least one (sometimes several) of our various important organs and glands.Like homeopathy, the fragrance works at the molecular level, causing a change in the flow of energy (in fact, certain scents ---Like mint.-Use is prohibited when receiving homeopathy as they may "cancel" the effect of homeopathy ).Therefore, it is possible to smell a specific substance that can get sick or heal us...It depends on its aroma.Flowers and Trees--Our most fragrant substance.-Also used to create very subtle, almost homeopathiclike medicines.The process was first developed by British doctor and scientist Edward Bach in the 1930s.Dr.Bach extracts important essences of 38 different flowers, plants and trees to heal/balance the negative mood and mental state that is considered to be the root cause of most physical diseases.Bach flower essence®It is completely safe for people of all ages and has no negative impact.Minimum doses are only required and they do not interfere with the use of other drugs and are not affected.Select essence in some liquid form (available in most health food stores) that can be placed directly under your tongue or in water or juice for all day.Treatment of Bach flower essence®It may be repeated in a few weeks or months, during which the feeling of the emotional center should gradually increase as the symptoms ease.In this treatment, the subtle "mind shift" is the ultimate goal.These may be subtle;But they are very powerful.In addition, the use of light-Whether it's direct sunlight or light filtered through transparent colors ---There are many powerful and distantTo achieve benefits.Known as helicopter therapy, this technique is one of the oldest and easiest ways to treat a variety of problems ---Especially the skin.But the use of light filtered through colored gel or glass is a more unusual and esoteric way of stimulating the selfhealing.It is said that each color directly affects a particular organ or gland.When the body is irradiated and \ "light-Bathing in this color, it stimulates specific organs or glands to function more correctly.Since dysfunctional organs or glands are almost always at the root of pain, the use of the right color of light can lead to profound and safe results...If one knows which one is a "target" body organ.The usual color light "prescription" is the color of bathing (or preferably whole body) with a suitable color bulb or a table lamp covered with cellophane for 15 minutes to 1 hour, up to a few times a day.Good results are a bit slow-Usually the same effect as herbal therapy.-But this effect can go deep into the body and brain in the process.The last, and probably the most powerful, self.The health technique I would like to describe in this article is the use of breathing.Older yogis have developed certain techniques of breath adjustment (breath control), especially in meditation, which can both relieve pain and prolong life.Breathing is considered to be the closest substance to the energy of life;Controlling breathing is the most direct way to influence and balance the flow of energy.Dozens of respiratory cycles and techniques developed in the EastHealth technology seems to have originated), and each technology is intended to have a specific impact on the entire system.A breath will calm and calm...The other one will stimulate and motivate...The third will increase spiritual awareness...All kinds of esoteric ideas have even developed around certain breathing methods.There are breathing techniques that can purify the blood, warm the body, cool the body, avoid hunger, and change consciousness in many different ways.Simple hyper-Ventilation gives us a good idea that just changing breathing can have an impact on the body and spirit.These are just a few of the many ways that the world has successfully used to stimulate itself.Treat and keep healthy.I have not described any fascinating ways of self.Diagnosis (I .e., the method of defining where and how energy goes astray as clearly as possible );Nor do I explain how much of these methods are applicable.Each can fill up a few volumes.-I have such words in my own library.Instead, the purpose of my writing this is to introduce you to aspirin and other overdoses of alternativesthe-Anti-remedy that you can use.I also intend to assure you that there is no need to simply suffer as the body slowly heals itself: there are many ways to greatly speed up the process...Please rest assured when this happens.All you need to do is search for some answers.-They must be waiting for you there.
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