most powerful amplifier SEO - Is Content Really King?

by:Winbridge      2019-11-24
For any effort on the Internet, it is very important to start a collective business.If you can't attract people to your site then you don't have any sales.If you don't sell then you won't make money and that's the end of your online effort.Or, if you can get high marks on your website, then you will have plenty of sales and business in the next few years.Since search engines read data, SEO has become a fairly new craze in the field of website marketing.Before "Google" and "Ask Jeeves", they just sent out spiders to read the meta tags on the website to find the words that the searcher used in the query.Google and Ask look at the content now.In this way, they are able to provide many relevant results.To get you top in search engines, words in your web page should be an investment, not an afterthought.However, is the content really important in the grand plan?Not usually, but that's not the case.Writing content specifically to generate site clicks is a solution that many SEO companies use.They create high income by providing dedicated articles to website owners, mainly by generating website traffic through search engines.Filling all of these articles has an impact on the audience.Click don't make money, sales don't make money, he won't buy from the website if the customer feels misleading.Instead, he will undoubtedly find another source to meet his needs.A lot of keyword research time is spent trying to find unused words, phrases, and titles from websites with large hits, and re-They write rich keywords that challenge competition.Since some search engines still don't search for content, meta tags are still in use.The title is also used to generate the number of clicks on the site and to insert the strongest and unused keyword phrases.Authors need to create readable content with appropriate placement of suggested keywords in order for the text to flow and allow the reader to focus on the site.Nothing is more effective than the site and there is no point in the content on the site.A new trend is to create keywordsRich articles about other keywordsrich articles.This allows backlinks from lifting the site to higher ranked search engines.Finally, the article needs to speak for itself.They must adapt to the scope of the site and make sense to the reader.The content is really Wang Dao, because customers who visit the website online want to learn something new.
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