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by:Winbridge      2019-11-29

Categories (keywords): religion, Islam, Muhammad, religious tolerance, faith, spirituality, guidelines for publication: these works are freely published.We share what we know so that we can all grow.Share some information about some of the world's major religions: Notes from Muhammad and Islamic committers: From Robert Winston (publisher Transworld Books, UK ).A personal journey into the world of science and religion (from the bbc TV series ).Website: as appears in chapter 6 of Dr. Winston's great work, I take my feelings directly as the main point.When I get to know other beliefs, I am sharing my knowledge of the "interesting" theme of this different religion.Like Robert Winston, author of the story of God, the purpose of my sharing this article is to try to contribute in some small way to a better understanding of the west of the Islamic world.Brief: Craig is working on his latest novel, New Dawn, which is based in the Middle East and studies the teachings of different religions: trying to find "common ground"/principles between different religions and cultures.When he learned from his research that the notes were shared to "inspire" (himself, and perhaps others) different religious beliefs.I hope you are also interested in this article (including some of my own ideas )."Slowly, gradually, from the rich experience of the world, people have established a belief.What is religion?This is a common system of faith, the "Holy Law ".Religion represents an attempt to utilize natural spirituality for organizational purposes...Not always good!Religion is dogmatic, and spiritual contemplation is intuitive;However, the dogma in the wrong hand is always an adventure.Everyone can receive the grace of God, which is one of the core principles of religion.So after those open ideas..What do Muslims believe?Muhammad's message puts personal wealth and worldly success at the center of their world.People forget that Allah is the creator of all things.Qur \ an does not think that he is inventing a new religion, but reminds the Arabs of the fact that they have become blind (God's central position in everything in life ).Like Jesus, Muhammad will never try to overthrow the traditions of the past;But he says his people have forgotten the meaning of these traditions.There are signs of God's kindness and kindness everywhere.Islam is voluntary surrender to the will of Allah, recognizing the supremacy and importance of Allah.(Paul, for Christians, tried to make Jesus God, resulting in considerable confusion.How can God appear as an evil creator at any time of the Holy Spirit, and also everywhere?Does this mean there are three gods?If so, who is the greatest?).Allah has 99 names, all of which emphasize his superiority over the world of creation: the highest, eternal and absolute.Rich and infinite, the person who gives life, the person who knows everything.Creator.He is considered the creator of man, not the father ".However, there are sometimes comparisons, such as "the giver and the recipient of life ".The Muslim God knows everything.Predestined -There are no random or accidental events in human life.Allah is compassionate and merciful.Man is the highest entity created by Allah.Each of us has a soul, and everyone's time on earth is doomed.Muslims also believe that in daily life, human beings have free will to choose between good and evil.In Islam, life itself is a test in which everyone has a choice.The God of Muslim worship is beyond the thought and language of human beings.In Islam, everyone is equal before the law.The Jews look forward to the coming of the Messiah;But see that Jesus and others did not save them (and "The pressure Man") from the Roman occupiers ").Muslims also believe in resurrection: at some point, God will revive people no matter how they die.The vast universe created by God contains mysterious invisible life --angels.Everyone on Earth has two guardian angels who record the man's actions and are there to "sting their conscience ".An important lesson for Muslims is that human beings live only once on this earth;After death, everyone will face trial and will eventually be put into heaven or hell.(Qur describes heaven and hell in poetic, symbolic terms, rather than suggesting that they are actual places of physical pleasure or physical torture ).Five pillars of faith (several signs of commitment): 1.Testify for faith.Once a person decides in good faith to be a Muslim, his first act is to declare in front of two witnesses that he believes that Allah is the only God and that Muhammad is his prophet.Orthodox Muslims are expected to pray at least once a week at the rally, at noon on Friday, when all work stops.Like tithe given by Jews and Christians, alm-Donations or "zakah" are a key pillar of Islam and should be donated anonymously.4."Sawm" or fast.Most Muslims read the entire Quran during Ramadan, about two hours a night.Islam and Modernity ("Jihad" and "Islamic Law"), although religion is very war --As in the beginning, the word "jihad" is often misunderstood and therefore does not reflect the nature of Islamic thought."Jihad" is certainly not "jihad" to transform Africa.Believers, but literally "Struggle": usually the soul that tries to overcome obstacles, which prevents Indians from approaching God.In fact, the history of Islam's tolerance for other monotheistic beliefs and the defense of individual freedom is proud.Faith is a question of personal choice.Islam (through Quran/Holy training) teaches us that Jesus is only a prophet and has never died.Salvation is achieved through separate works, and after reciting allegiance to Qur \ an, believers needAs Allah has asked, believers: "patiently endure what they say, and say goodbye politely when they leave.\ "(Sura 73: 10) \" treat people who do not believe it gently;Give them enough time (to change their mind) "(Sura 86: 17 ).Jihad can only be declared when defending Allah, not for conversion or conquest."The way God fought against those who fought with you but did not start hostilities;God does not like the agsol people."(Sura month: 190)" if they seek peace then you seek peace.Believe in God-Because he is the one who hears and knows everything.Muhammad is committed to changing the status of women, giving them a certain degree of independence and equality, which is unprecedented in the region of the world;Like early Christianity, Islam has a unique appeal to women!There are about one billion Muslims around the world.Although Islam was born in conflict with the frequent turmoil and violence of early history, it is based on peaceful values and centered on deep respect for human life.It also tolerates other views and supports the concept of religious pluralism in the form of a few other monotheistic religions.Qur \ an firmly asserts that "there can be no coercion in religion", recognizing the nature of human diversity, and perhaps the diversity of Islm itself.Although we may know little or no faith in Muhammad's teachings, we can all cultivate the true values shared by all mankind: the highest ideal of tolerance, kindness and respect for all life will surely prevail.I hope you may be interested in this information...That's why I share.The ideals of moderation and religious tolerance for those of us who desire (and are passionate) will continue to hope that through rational and "informed" dialogue, mutual tolerance and respect will be the same.More understanding and tolerance.Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism.Christians are not Jewish either.Only one God-filledhumanity.Let each of us try to build bridges in our own "Small Way", not obstacles, open rather than walls.Let's look at the distant horizon together in the spirit of openness, acceptance of our differences, helpfulness, and co-operationAction, mutual tolerance, respect, trust, peace, especially in the spirit of love, this is the most powerful force that exists.Let our leaders and each of us look to the future with a visionIt is not to see what things are, but to see what things will become one day.As fellow citizens on Earth, the differences between us are not as great as the strength of our unity, the Holy Spirit-The Spirit of God, let's accept and even celebrate the final source of our differences...Let the love of humanity of each of us conquer anything.May the grace of the creator we love take care and care of all of you...Eagle scraig Lock (Eagle making New Zealand) \ "people fight and die for religion, but they rarely live for religion ".-J.Former Indian Prime Minister Nehru, the best thing we can do for others is to reveal our inner wealth.So shine your own light in a world that is often dark...The highest level of human beings...Enjoy happiness in the journey of life.\ "There is neither the East nor the West, nor the tribes and races, men or women, Muslims, Hinduism, Buddhism.Christians are not Jewish either.Only one God-Full of human nature.In his work, Craig strives to break the economic, social, cultural and religious barriers.Craig believes that while we should celebrate our differences, what we share in the form of common humanity is more important than the differences between us.God is leading us to light.We will share the light.These works can be published freely.
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