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by:Winbridge      2019-10-02
A good posture is a question that everyone will ask.What can be done to correct posture?What types of pose exercises can be done?What posture is good?The next time you're watching TV, doing housework, cleaning or vacuuming, keep in mind that body pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or any other pain or discomfort.These types of household chores involve repetitive movements and stress fields and are a potential source of discomfort and chronic pain.
Bend, twist, rotate or bend the head and neck forward.The next time you do housework or work in the yard, these work may improve the posture, strengthen the muscles of the neck and back, and reduce chronic pain.If you are vacuuming or sweeping, you will lazily move forward, bend your head, stretch your arms and stay away from your body.
Your neck and shoulders will be uncomfortable.Head forward posture is a common situation we see in the office and I will discuss it in another post.Many of the activities we do during the day are curved forward, increasing the angle of our neck and upper back to the forward bend.
For each inch of the head in front of the body measured by the side centerline, the weight of the neck and back muscle load is higher.Over time, it becomes an ongoing source of discomfort, pain, headache, back pain and many other chronic problems.Therefore, when you perform activities that simulate the stress in these areas of neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain, the pain can get worse.
If you close your chin inward and lean a little back, it immediately reduces the pressure and makes the neck more regular.Stand and hold the rake son or vacuum device, take your hand back and squeeze the shoulder blades to the other side.These actions can better align these areas of the spine and help improve the posture.
Avoid leaving the rake son or vacuum cleaner too far away from the body and try to stay upright instead of bending forward and looking down at the floor or the ground.Standing upright can contract the abdominal muscles intermittently and increase muscle tension.Doing these chores several times at the same time can also help reduce muscle pressure on the lower back, strengthen the abdomen and increase the center of gravity.
Try to keep the distance between your feet and your shoulders apart, facing the front, not outward or inward.The knee is slightly bent.This reduces the stress that can occur on the lower back.Similarly, a good posture practice to break the housekeeping or yard work is to stand straight, reach your arms in front of you, squat down the road and align your hips to the ground.
Make sure you put your heel on the ground instead of rolling the ball forward.The reps from 8 to 10 times are great and you really feel like this is your EPS and hips.You really stand straight when you're done!So there are three simple and powerful exercises to improve your posture and the job duties of cleaning the house or yard!The chin is closed and a bit of head stretch and neutral position, to improve your neck posture, slide the chin forward and backward slowly.
Stand upright and squeeze the shoulder blades together and the elbows on both sides of you.The knees were slightly bent, crouching down to the ground, with both feet flat on the floor, keeping the back straight.This is a common and basic simple but very effective posture check exercise.
As with any chronic pain or medical condition, be sure to consult a medical professional to make sure it fits your specific posture needs
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