most powerful amplifier Sow, Save, Spend

by:Winbridge      2019-11-23
It seems to me that the money for teaching your child is there, "respect your mother and father ".Why?Because when they are adults, most of their lives will revolve around the decisions they make.Have you ever heard of "20/20 after the event?Well, in our case, it's certainly about money.When we first moved out of our parents' home and moved into our own residence, my husband and I were only a teenager.I still remember the excitement of our first home key being placed in our hands.We rented a four-bedroom apartment.An old couple fell in love with our brand new family.In fact, when my husband and I visited the place, the little old lady was holding our five-year-old at the time.A month old son, her husband showed us around.We couldn't sleep the first night.We had done it!We have officially entered adulthood and there is nothing better than this except for the birth of our son!It doesn't happen overnight, but as our income increases, so does our grief.The more we earn, the more we spend.And, it always seems to make us have too much money at the end of the month.When we were still in the care of our parents, neither my husband nor I was told the importance of money.What did we do?We did what we saw them do: improperly using the most powerful tool in the world-money.That's not how it started.For whatever reason, the two of us realized that parents made some unwise decisions about money and we decided to do better.And we did it in the early days.When we were in the worst financial situation, we remembered the days when we had just moved out.We are surprised that we have achieved so much in such a small time.As these young people, how do we stay away from the freedom we experience?We decided to investigate and the result surprised us!At that time, we planted, saved and consumed.That was it.We live a royal life on a meager income.We sow seeds, which means we give the church at least 10% of our income.What you hear is true: when you give, you always get more in some form or way than you give!We SAVED.My husband has developed an awesome habit of putting another ten to 15% of the money taken home into our savings account before we "miss.At the end of each year, we are shocked to find that we have thousands of dollars in our savings because we eat too little.We SPENT.After we paid the bill (we put the bill on the most basic necessities), we always seemed to have some extra entertainment.Whether it's a movie or eating in a seatAt the restaurant, or for a fun event with our son, we have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor.We asked ourselves, "can we do this again?Incredibly, implementing the funding of these three "S" again helped turn our finances around!We now teach our son these simple principles to help him avoid the money mistakes we made when we were young.Try it today!Teach your kids!When your finances do one80, you smile all the way to the bank!
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