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by:Winbridge      2019-10-08
Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a product of Rexair LLC, the series vacuum cleaner first produced by Leslie H. in 1929Green.Since then, the company has been developing.of-the-Art vacuum cleaner.While the exact specifications of rainbow vacuum vary from model to model, some basic specifications remain the same throughout the product line.
Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, rainbow vacuum cleaners use bags to collect dust and filter air, use water tanks to collect dirt and help filter air.The rainbow website claims that by using the water tank, dirt is actively pulled into the water tank and the air is waterBefore re-filteringDistribute back to the room.After activation, the water moves in a circular manner and filters the air and debris into the water.
When the filtered air is pushed back to the room, it is further filtered through the HEPA filter.After the water is dirty, manually empty into the drain through the outlet.The company says the water tank and HEPA filter remove 99.
There is 997% of home dirt in the carpet and air.Rainbow vacuum cleaner is driven by the motor named "hurricane" by the company.This 12-The Amp motor is one of the most powerful motors on the 2010 vacuum cleaner market, and since it does not use a carbon brush, the vacuum does not distribute tiny carbon particles into the air.
The motor has two speeds that can be accessed on the control panel located at the top of the host.Brushes located on the lower side of the cleaning nozzle are designed for various floor types.The height of the nozzle is adjusted by the switch on the nozzle to clean the thick carpet or to turn off the bare hardwood floors.
Rainbow says the soft design of the nozzle brush can add years to the life of the carpet.By adjusting the height of the power brush, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean the surface horizontal debris and debris located near the carpet substrate
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