most powerful amplifier Successful Managers Don't Hold On To Information - They Share It!

by:Winbridge      2019-11-26
Someone said, "you will get it if you give it ".This sentence is often used to refer to giving your time, effort, money or other material before you can reasonably expect to receive anything from others.All of these things are very valuable, but one of the most powerful things is thought and one of the simplest.When we think about sharing something, we usually think it's a separation from something.Share some of your money and you can no longer spend it yourself.Share some chocolate and you can taste this delicious substance no matter who you share it with, not you.At least you won't taste everything.In these cases, sharing means breaking up.This means that you give up something that you no longer directly benefit from.This is not the case with thoughts and ideas.When you share an idea or a good idea that doesn't mean you lose it.That doesn't even mean you have less left.In fact, the opposite is true.The ideas and ideas you share with others can really enrich you.Share some wisdom with others, and now two people can benefit from it.Although you share it with no cost, it may represent great value to the person on the receiving end.Unfortunately, in order to maintain a competitive advantage, we often try to keep something for ourselves.It can be said to be "to maintain the advantage ".This is understandable and sometimes a good strategy.Certain information can be very valuable, and if it really gives you this "advantage", it might be wise to leave it to yourself.In reality, however, most of us do not have any information that really offers a sustainable advantage over others.The truth is that with the Internet at everyone's fingertips, the real advantage at the moment is no longer in any piece of information.The most successful people do this by combining ideas and concepts into combinations that others don't think.From this point of view, without sharing, your thoughts may actually deprive you of many opportunities, so you will pay a lot of price.In business and personal life, breakthroughs often come from the combination of ideas.A person's creative ideas are rarely made up entirely by his own mind.The back and forth of ideas and concepts usually play a vital role in the development of new ideas.When discussing the potential application of a technology with a customer, the customer can come up with ideas you never thought about.After all, it's a customer thing and he probably knows better than you.Especially when you talk to someone of an entrepreneur type.Most entrepreneurs are always looking for new opportunities to increase their profits and expand their business.Now, if you don't share anything with him, why would he share his thoughts with you?Good question.Of course you can turn things around;If he doesn't share anything with you, why share anything with him?While this may be a fair question, it is not relevant.After all, this is the deadlock that is holding back so much creativity.Of course, one of your ideas is always at risk of being abandoned.So it's not a bad idea to protect your idea or at least part of it.For example, you can ignore some details that are not necessary to portray the big picture, but are certainly essential to achieving the idea.The human brain is connected according to our frame of reference.Because everyone's frame of reference is unique, 1000 people can listen to the same speech, speech or idea, but, let him or all of her have different explanations.In fact, it is not only possible;The situation will be inevitable.Because no two people have the exact same background, knowledge and life experience.Therefore, the differences in these explanations may lead to a very different concept and idea that one may come up.This is where one of the most powerful aspects of sharing works.Your thoughts may trigger a new idea that you have never thought of in others, which in turn will inspire another idea that they have never thought of themselves.Of course, this is not necessarily a conscious sharing of ideas.Most of the time it happens if you don't realize it.When an idea is initially put there by someone else, you think of what you think is your own.In your exploration of ideas, your mind digs out the idea, and perhaps it is linked to other fragments in your memory library that form a new breakthrough ideaAlthough this is largely unconscious, sharing more ideas on a consistent basis is still a good strategy.Think of it like this;It happens every time you share something.First of all, you put things into someone else's memory bank.You never know what this information is.Or what the concept will do to the people you share it.Maybe it doesn't help them anything, but it will eventually help others who share it.In return, this person may or may not share something with you.However, there is a general law that says: "Something will come back if you give up ".The law does not say it will come back at 10: 00 a.m. on Thursday, when you may need it most.It just says "it's back ".In many cases, when you share something, that person feels obligated to share something with you.Maybe immediately, maybe a month later.Not necessarily out of obligation, but out of human nature.This is the law of reciprocity at work.Whenever they share something with you, the concept is stored in your mind.Maybe you can't see the immediate use of it.In many cases, you may never.However, you never know when and under what their ideas might be useful.Maybe combine with some ideas that others have not yet shared with you.But guess what?If you don't share your thoughts with them, they may not share their thoughts with you.Because you didn't share it, you missed a small idea that you needed to put everything in the right place.Who knows how much you will miss?To be sure, not sharing can cost you more than leaving all your money to yourself.It's just too much to pay.So, do this whenever you have the opportunity to share some valuable ideas with another person.It can be a miracle for you and them, and it won't cost any money.
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