most powerful amplifier The 100% Effective Way To Have More Women in Your Life Than You Can Possibly Handle

by:Winbridge      2019-11-30

At the end of this newsletter, I will give you a revolutionary, very effective way to get more women into your life, more than you think.You don't have to buy anything.You do not need to attend any seminars.No cost.100% of the time (when you do) it works.But first I have to ask you-Are you a football fan?Now, in football, I mean the movement of having an actual sphere (not a circular sphere, which is the technical term for almonds)Something of a shape related to touching the ground), in which the ball is actually handled with your feet.That's football.I grew up with football, like about 75% of the Earth now, and I found that I was watching games most of the time (if they had TV or were not American, the remaining 25% will do the same as well ).Actually, I just saw Brazil-Victory over Japan.Beautiful ThingsSo if you keep thinking "Where's Dr. Alex?\ "A few of you have kindly asked, this is part of it.In the meantime, I 've been thinking about you guys.Look, the World Cup season is an extraordinary moment.Billions of people get together because they love a game.The best people gather in a place on Earth and go all out and we can watch --match by match.So, you have a group of people in every game ...... Fully understand what's going on, have a lot in common with each other (especially people from another country) and often go back to the same puddle and watch the game over and over again.You know what it all feels like to me?Three C of the ideal venueconversation-Friendly, community and continuity.Gentlemen—There is no need for me to tell you that this is the ideal time to make new friends.Also, if the person you want to meet has a specific nationality, the World Cup makes it very easy for you.The British will watch the English games.The Germans will watch the match in Germany.The Swedes will watch Sweden.To be sure, part of these deathsFemale fans will work hard.I think you understand what I mean.I want you to make good use of this opportunity when it comes.Because that's the purpose of this newsletter: to take advantage of the opportunities it presents.Weekend of June 2, dating transformation weekend in Los Angeles --4, beyond all expectations (more later), one of the things we are talking about is the martial arts Wing Chun and its applicability to dating (and your life.Wing Chun, I studied in Cambridge for a while, and it has a deep foundation of Taoist philosophy, so it's not surprising that its principles are well integrated with dating.The first fighting principle of Wing Chun is: \ "move forward when the road is clear."(The other three principles are" stick to the opponent "," yield to greater power "and" stick to the end ").What I have noticed in most men is that when the chance to meet an amazing woman comes up, their most frequent reaction is to do nothing.Think about it: how many beautiful, potential, desirable women are going through your path one day?Ten?Five?One?In big cities, even if you work in an office and only go out for lunch once, the answer is at least five, up to hundreds.This adds up to dozens in a week and hundreds (if not thousands) in a given year ).Now, let me ask you: how many people do you actually have ...... Interactive?How much actually makes sense in these interactions?We have already discussed it in the previous article and the way to date.Booking how to approach strangers is a legitimate challenge.However, we have also discussed how to overcome this difficulty.With practice and the right mindset.For example: a long time ago, I was afraid of water because I couldn't swim.Now I can jump into the cool Creek or the warm Pacific Ocean here in Santa Monica is one of the most interesting things I can think of (I do it as often as I can ).Back to Wing Chun: See some attractive 100% rings if you walk in the mallThe free woman you want to meet ...... There is no physical barrier between you and her to prevent this from happening to you.\ "Move forward when the road is clear.\"But, but—what do I DO?What should I say to her?Here, my friend, is the secret I mentioned in the title of this article.100% nothing, no-Failure, there is absolutely a guaranteed way to have more women in your life (whatever it means to you) than you can handle (whatever it means to you ).The secret is: give her a real compliment.Simple, huh?It's even too simple.As a matter of fact, you might think, "Dr. Alex, it works very well.Tell me something I don't know yet."Well, if you already know, sir.Smart people, why don't you do that?I bet almost all the people who read this don't praise a woman today.I would even spend the money on the concept that most of you don't praise a pretty girl for a week --all month—Even * years *.Some of you have not done it all your life.I should know.I am one of them.The whole idea of giving praise to an attractive woman seems to be the most impossible thing for me for a long, long time.Some conscious efforts are still needed today.But why is it so difficult to say good things to strangers so positive?Well, mom might tell you that it's not OK to talk to a stranger, so you might still have it with you.Maybe deep inside you, if you praise a girl, you are afraid to be discoveredoh, no!—She may refuse you ).So let us clarify the fact that giving true praise is an act of giving.The gift you give is appreciation and good feeling.This is the purpose of it.Especially if you have a strong positive intention (PPI), that's all.Of course ...... If praise is just something dressed --Hit her up version so that you can accept something later and you will lose your direction and your strength.At the same time, people become so self in modern society.By his own 9-They forget that the real satisfaction in life comes from giving and sharing.Their presence may become so contracted that they cannot give or accept it.The act of spontaneous giving is questionable-do they think there must be some sort of ulterior motive?They don't have time to pay-because there's always another project to do, another boss to placate, and one more thing to buy.Well, my friend, if you are reading this, it means that certain parts of Tao philosophy have moved you, and you will realize that it is not necessarily the case.Because you know, the more you give, the more the universe gives you."The universe is my reflection.You realize that giving is not only a good thing, but also interesting.By the way, only when you give up a lot of things (E.G.g.Good feeling, warm, generous), you have a lot of things in the store.The more you give, the more you have.What is going on with some contradictory wisdom?So!Now that you have patiently read the whole article, here's a solid way I promised you at the beginning: give ten women a real compliment every day.That\'s it.It doesn't have to be too complicated.You don't have to say "you're the most fascinating sample of feminine beauty I 've ever met on this planet", although it's more powerful for you if you can succeed.Simple things like "I really like the way you put your rings and clothes together" can do wonders.Or just "pretty ring!\ ", A little enthusiastic in your voice.Many things have been accomplished.First, it opens the door to an interaction.Second, she felt good from the beginning.To meet you-And connect these positive feelings with you.Third, * you * feel great because you just lit up someone like a Christmas tree (it's so fun for humans --How we feel the feelings of others ).Fourth, you expressed great confidence because most men are afraid to do something like this (in my experience, I would like to say that 99 + % of men do not praise women, and I don't know how to praise it, at least in America.S.).Fifth, perhaps the most powerful, you have established yourself as a giver, thus starting the flow of energy given --This can only lead to good things.Now, two things will happen if you continue with this compliment.First, there will be more women in your life than you can handle (for most men it means more than zero --I should know).Second, even if you don't have a small group of women fighting for your attention, you will be filled with a good feeling that you don't even care about.Because a sense of accomplishment is a feeling, not a person.You already feel this way.This is a secret.As we discussed at the end of the transition weekend, your gift and your treasure (both the same) are in the position you are in right now.The more you give, the more you will have.So go ahead and give you the gift of praise extensively and shamelessly (and report your results as I want to hear it ).You can call dralex @ Alexwww.thetaoofdating.
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