most powerful amplifier The 3-Step Visualization Process

by:Winbridge      2019-11-19
Visualize "they will come if you build it."The field of dreams is not to observe the problem you want to change, but to imagine the situation or conditions you want.The concept is simple, and fortunately, so is the method.Anyone can do this at any time, at any location, at any duration-with incredible results.Visualization is one of the most powerful ways to achieve the changes you want.In a very real way, your fantasy is your reality-good and bad, better and better.What you think will be.They will come if you build it.Fortunately, it will never be too late to imagine something new, even if it is currently involved in the previously imagined environment.The process of visualization is simple and does not require any esoteric knowledge and complex equipment.It would be better if you could find a quiet place to do it;If you can't help worrying.Do it on the bus if you want.It would be great if you could arrange uninterrupted while doing it;If not, then no problem.You can do it with your eyes closed or with your eyes open.You can sit, stand, lie or jog.All you do is create visual images of what you want (not what you don't want.Create a visual picture of a condition, environment, or situation (not an ideal situation at the moment) according to your wishes ).To get the best results, once you have a clear mental picture of the ideal you are creating, be sure to put yourself in the image (if you haven't already ).Interact with the elements of this ideal reality that you imagine to exist.This brings us a trick to improve the impact of your efforts: when combined with positive emotions, visualization becomes exponentially more effective.That is, once you begin to imagine what you want-whether it's your physical condition or your living condition-next, let yourself begin to feel the emotions associated with these desired states.Feel the feeling of having what you want, just like you already have it-perfect health, the relationship you always wanted, new car or Tahiti holidays, better work, the return of lost or lost things, the resolution of the quarrel-whatever it is, when this possibility, whatever it is, becomes your reality, feel the emotions you know you will have.Visualization is the way in which you request a specific reality to unfold;Your positive feelings about reality are the way you keep yourself aligned with it and the way you allow what you see in your current reality.It’s a three-
1.Imagine your wishes and make sure to include yourself;
2.Feel the feeling of having the desired reality here and now;
3.Repeat as needed.Abraham-Hicks, co-The author of the "ask and give answers" and the host of the "allow art" workshop confirm that if you can focus on a visual image for 17 seconds in a row, you have effectively put your request into the universe-just like ordering the waitress at the restaurant.They further affirm that all it needs is 68 seconds of uninterrupted focus on your desire to align yourself with the vibration that allows it to happen.
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